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  1. Bob, Miles ain't that bad... ..lol I am coming from Texas this year.. I think I gotta go more miles to just get outta Texas then you do to get to the outing...lol I'm off of I-10 in Flatonia about half way between Houston and Austin. I'll be making the 18 hour trip this weekend solo.. Well Friday afternoon to be exact... can you say coffee and energy drinks.. Main reason is to come visit the old...err young....man...(Mike Furness) lol.. Haven't seen my dad in years so its over due but this is just an added bonus for me.. What part of NM you in? I'll be going right up 10 the whole way. See y'all there..... Or before for some as I am sure I will see a few out and about....
  2. Well this is an added bonus for me...... :thumbsupanim I will finally be coming back to AZ(been waaaay to long) to visit Dad(again been waaay to long) and do some detecting and trying other prospecting areas to. He mentioned that this was going on so when talking to him today.. So count me in too...... I'll be in AZ for 2 weeks. Finally a vacation :WOW: I'll be there for the first two weeks in Febuary.. Not sure I'll wanna go home to Texas after that.... :shhhhh: Jay Furness
  3. thank you. I am looking forward to February..
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