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  1. I have always had air rifles and air pistols since young, currently I have a Weihrruch HW30 .177 cal I bought back in the early 70's just after married, I traded it off to my father in law to shoot rats with way back then for some binoculars, well I recently got the air rifle back since he passed a couple yrs ago, oiled it up and its as good as new. Fun to shoot and accurate. I also have a Beeman .177 Tempest air pistol in nice shape I take along for camp play when detecting in Nevada, also have a 1960's vintage Winchester .177 childs size mfg germany air rifle I don't shoot it does work.
  2. I keep the 18" gad bar chisel and a small sledge in my truck in case I need to start hard rock mining for a nugget.
  3. Use the GMRS channels in the little radios, its got more power on those channels. FRS channels not so much. I get a mile or two out of my little micro cobra gmrs/frs radios depending on terrain and trees.
  4. I detected for about 4-5 yrs without snake protection, recently last season I bought a pair of snake boots, Ariat. Love em, Second nature to wear. And I feel a lot more confident about detecting the desert now. I still proceed with caution.
  5. Ok, its a industrial pipe finder type detector, had to research to find that one.
  6. Hey, interesting detector, ULC 950 coil, what is it? can't read the box writing. Some sort of Whites?
  7. Looks like spray painted gold rock to me. No natural color to it,
  8. Lots of problems seen online about faulty parts on artic cat built machines. A few tout the brand as good but the majority say they would never buy one again.
  9. If I am not mistaken Sharp timing takes more energy to run than the rest of the timings.
  10. Give some thought to have having your rig painted in bed liner of some type. Last good, covers impefections, looks good. I hear Monstaliner is the toughest, maybe a army green or desert tan would look good. DIY and save a bundle.
  11. Recently found out that Honda of all businesses is now and has been using cylinder deactivation on the V6 3.5 engine in several of their vehicles such as pilot Passort etc, same old thing, oil burning fouled plugs, eventual rebuilds on the Honda forums. I was a Honda fan for yrs, we are on our second CRV for the wife, its a 2014 it will be our last Honda, we could have bought a new 2015 at the time but they had just come out 2015 with the CVT transmission which is junk. Dodge gas trucks also are using cylinder deactivation method. Too bad. The new CRV 1.6 turbo engines are having oil dilution problems too.
  12. Well the brother in laws new 3.0L diesel F150 is working out well, he has gone on two trips from sacto area to near Mexico towing a 25 ft travel trailer, and no troubles crossing mountain ranges, etc. He loves it. Sounds like a possible new rig for nugget hunting/fishing. The mpg seems to be very good on this rig even with 4x4, been following the F150 3.0L forum for awhile.
  13. The new GPX4500 is the best deal out there for an all around nugget machine, lots of different coils available, 14x9 Evo NF will detect #9 birdshot to 3" no problem, switch to a 14" elite or 15" NF evo coil and you can hit gram size gold to 15" or so in medium soils. Bigger Gold deeper.
  14. The audio boost on the GM1000 is great, the audio boost on the GB2 is great, not so much on the equinox 800 in gold modes. Don't expect much for depth with any of the VLF nugget detectors they are all surface machines for tiny gold. Just a few pointers. I am in between vlf nugget detectors right now, my last one, a GB2 was very successful for tiny gold, but noisy. I am waiting awhile to see what new machines turn up on the open market for sale. There might be a Minelab Multi IQ dedicated nugget machine in the works dunno for sure, lots of rumors floating around right now.
  15. All of my success finding nuggets with the GB2 and small gold was with the 3x6 coil. I had all the sizes coils made for the machine, but sold the rest off after repeatedly testing each, with the smallest coil you can also track small gold in quartz veins. Its been the same for all my buddies with the GB2 over the yrs as well.
  16. I had all three coils for the GB2, ran the 5x10 quite a bit, deep bullets, but no tiny gold near the surface, large coil I didn't run much at all, sold the two biggest coils and put the 3x6 on there, then I started finding the nuggets, at rye patch, anywhere from one grainers to 5.3 grains. The 3x6 is the only coil I would use on a GB2, from experience.
  17. We got a guina pig! My wifes brother ordered one of the new 2018 Ford F150 V6 Diesel trucks, and he tows a 25 ft travel trailer. I will let you know once I find out how well it is working out for him.
  18. I recently saw pics of the new 2019 Ford Ranger supercab 6 ft bed 4x4 on the net, wow, nice looking little truck, quite a bit bigger than before, more like same size as a second gen Tacoma. Not into the eco boost engine though, a standard V6 would make this a great rig. I am back to looking at Toyotas again, maybe a 2019 Tundra TRD Pro as my next prospecting vehicle, it has everything I might bolt under a tundra if I got a standard model, lift, dual exhaust, skid plates, best suspension on the market, Fox reservoir 2.5" Shocks all around, etc. That 5.7L would tow my 17 ft Casita travel trailer like it wasn't even there, and also my Rhino sxs and trailer. I think I would rather put up with less mpg and have a rig that will be reliable with few trips to the shop if any. The late model diesels have the new emissions, DEF system to contend with and Particulate filter, which if it burns out after warranty is 9,000.00 alone to replace. I think I am gonna stick with a gas rig.
  19. Just go to any chevrolet forums and read about the cylinder deactivation setup, lot of unhappy campers out there. Excessive oil consumption, fouled plugs, etc.
  20. Check the ribbon cable that plugs into the lcd, might be an easy fix.
  21. I wouldn't drive my travel trailer out that road, I would stay at Star Peak RV, with the trailer or stay at the lake campground and drive back and forth during the day with the 4x4. Some do take trailers out there but it will be hard on it. It is thick with claims out there so make sure you know where your detecting.
  22. I read online where there is a possibility Toyota will be putting the 5.0L Cummins turbo diesel in the Tundra, that could be a good combination. I know Nissan is using that engine for their Titan XD.
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