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  1. http://www.parks.ca.gov/pages/502/files/ASRANews111503.pdf info on the park look on page 10
  2. VERY NICE AND CONGRATES !!! someday but today it was all about you !!!!! :whoopie: you know what Steve scince you live so close to me, maybe I could come by and drool over it just a little bit... Right on you the man ! Happy Birthday,
  3. Thanks again Ruben I just got that book, ordered it from Bill a few weeks back...
  4. I can not believe my luck, I was sitting here writing down some of the questions I had for taking care of Meteorites. and opened your post :whoope: going to print it out and keep in my files.... can you recommend any good reading for a beginner on the subject ??? :???: Thanks for the info :grin: By the way Very nice collection !!!!! Boba
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