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  1. Looks like fun for the family. Keep posting the finds and one of these days I will make it to the field and know what to look for. Thanks Mike in Yuma
  2. Very Will Done Jason: Watched and enjoyed very much, Thanks for the Video and keep up the good work. Mike in Yuma
  3. AZdigger: Not sure about the II, I had a V-Sat befor this GMT and I like the GMT the Best for AU and Meteorite detecting. I hope to get to the Franconia Area from Yuma this next Long weekend. Will see how that goes. Mike in Yuma
  4. I'm just tring to POST a reply. I have been having problems with my NEWW E-Mail address update. Lets see what happens. Good Find and Hope to meet up with you guy's soon.
  5. Kaimi: I have a friend named California Bob, ClaimJumper Bob, who lives there in the summer and down here in the winter. Look him up if you can? Say HI for me and ask him when he is coming down to Yuma this year. Mike in Yuma
  6. Fred: I'm sorry if you got the Idea I was BLIND. I say that because my wife thinks because I'm 63 years old I can't go metal detecting by myself and not get hurt or bitten by a snake and die all alone in the desert. Nugget hunting and meteorite hunting are very demanding on the body and it's good to have some one in the area in case of trouble. I'm going this weekend and just wanted to know if some one else was going to be in the area. Check out my WEB site if you want. http://www.myspace.com/yumamike
  7. I'm going to Franconia this Weekend, and the wife cna't make it with me. She wants me to be safe and always hunt with someone since I'm blind and can't type on this forum. Post a note so I can show her I'll be safe and not get hurt. Mike in Yuma
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