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  1. That's noble Steve, but a waste of time, as you know... You fought hard, but against the liberal government machine that is, this petition means nothing to them! Ron
  2. Gold does funny things to people, always has, always will... I guess meteorites is the same way? "Meteorite Fever" just doesn't have the same ring Ron in WA
  3. Rob is a good guy!!! Here's a picture of me in one of his drift mines at Liberty Ron in WA
  4. I got out today to search the hills above my claims at Blewett WA! My area of attack was the along the lode of an old mine called the Lucky Queen. I didn't find any gold, but I did get a souvenir - an old Miners Pick head... It looks old, but it wasn't all that rusty? All in all I had fun - although I'd rather be in Arizona Ron in WA
  5. Here's one I call my Feather Nugget... Ron in WA
  6. Purty stuff... guess I won't waste money on a Minelab Are your Dowsing Rods store bought or did you make em' yourself? Ron in WA
  7. Steve, It was obviously taken about 12 inches above your hand, Sheesh... can't get more exact than that I looked at the Exif data from the pictures and came up empty handed also... I bet the FBI has better tools at their disposal than I have access to though - I used freeware! Ron in WA
  8. That's Great - it brought a smile to my face Ron in WA
  9. Nice Find And, a good way to keep the flame going for the next generation!!! Ron in WA
  10. Well worth your time! Congrats on the Chinese coin you always wanted Ron in WA
  11. Me thinks it's gonna do more!!!! Ron in WA
  12. Steve - you know, I'd love to spend some time with you again Thanks for the offer!
  13. It's not detecting, but I know you all enjoy gold, no matter how it's got http://youtu.be/CKHYmhAl9eQ?hd=1 My first underwater video - and I was a tad excited... It's a good sign when you start a hole and find a nice chunky nugget! July 2012 Ron in WA
  14. I've lurked here for eons - so I know most of you here, just not personally It's the Ruger KP345 45ACP - it's been a very nice sidearm! Someday, I'm heading south to play with my Gold Bug II - it's pretty well useless here. Ron in WA
  15. The Pictures It's like Porn for Miners!!! I can't wait until it cools off and you guys get back out swinging your thingies... Up here in Washington State - dectecting isn't really an option... Dredging is the only way I can get mine. From July 2012... Ron in WA
  16. Awesome wire specimens Ron in WA
  17. Bend over, grab your ankles, and kiss your butt goodbye... That would would be horrifying if you were too close! Can you imagine how flying rock shards could ruin your day? Ron in WA
  18. I've been lurking here as a member for almost 5 years... I love the pictures and hope someday to go south and swing my detector Ron in WA
  19. AAA Precious Metals is a great company... I've used them for many years - never sorry! Ron in WA
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