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  1. As California fights, the same propaganda is being imported to Washington State via a small group of Elite Fly Fishing folks... I'm with a group, Resources Coalition and we decided it was time to address the hypocrisy, so I wrote an article posted it on our website! Our Response Statement To Fish Not Gold Resources Coalition has been behind the PLP all along, and it is our hope that we start seeing some wins for our side soon... Suction Dredging is not destructive, lets make a comparison to something bigger, that wasn't either: Making mountains out of mole hills! (Mt. St. Helens versus Suct
  2. That's noble Steve, but a waste of time, as you know... You fought hard, but against the liberal government machine that is, this petition means nothing to them! Ron
  3. Gold does funny things to people, always has, always will... I guess meteorites is the same way? "Meteorite Fever" just doesn't have the same ring Ron in WA
  4. Another miner is gone, although he was a greenhorn, he sure loved this stuff ;) Ron in WA
  5. Rob is a good guy!!! Here's a picture of me in one of his drift mines at Liberty Ron in WA
  6. I thought the regulations and application requirements in Washington state were tough... Not really after reading through some of this! Roadrunner Prospectors Permit I remember compiling all the different western states requirements when Washington state was revising our rules back in 2007.. Arizona sticks in my mind as rotten, but hey, it's mostly desert, right? You can get a lot of info from this document to decide what, who and where to submit if you still want to go for it! Ron in WA
  7. I got out today to search the hills above my claims at Blewett WA! My area of attack was the along the lode of an old mine called the Lucky Queen. I didn't find any gold, but I did get a souvenir - an old Miners Pick head... It looks old, but it wasn't all that rusty? All in all I had fun - although I'd rather be in Arizona Ron in WA
  8. Unless the state statute where you claim is located has a requirement to file a "change of address", there is no federal requirement to do so... except all future required filings per 43 CFR § 3833.0-5 (e) “…The name of the owner and his or her current address shall be identified on all instruments required to be recorded or filed by the regulations in this subpart.” Note it on one of your annual filings, small miners waiver (free) or proof of labor ($10.00) and you're good to go! Ron in WA
  9. Here's one I call my Feather Nugget... Ron in WA
  10. Purty stuff... guess I won't waste money on a Minelab Are your Dowsing Rods store bought or did you make em' yourself? Ron in WA
  11. Steve, It was obviously taken about 12 inches above your hand, Sheesh... can't get more exact than that I looked at the Exif data from the pictures and came up empty handed also... I bet the FBI has better tools at their disposal than I have access to though - I used freeware! Ron in WA
  12. That's Great - it brought a smile to my face Ron in WA
  13. Nice Find And, a good way to keep the flame going for the next generation!!! Ron in WA
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