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  1. Hey fokes I thank im gonna make it this year been a long time since i was out that way.
  2. Was a sleep when i typed that this morring..What i was saying is im hedding up to GB to nigth, will be up there about 8 or so tonight.
  3. Well to days the day ill be hedding up thee after work hope ill see some of your out there but if not getive me ertra day to fine stuff ;0
  4. There just aint anythang as good as Bologna Sands and a Can o beans on the Tailgate yea well that sounds good but if my memmery stands it be more like crab and stake ;p :innocent0002: well stake anyways crab was there trying to intice soemome to brign some lol ;-
  5. Time is ticking all most time to go out i cant wate..hang out with fellow hunters agen..corse ill be out there on wenday night so ill have few days of hutting ;p
  6. Yea john i agre with hum goda love snakes ;0 :icon_mrgreen: got me a new one my burmese is about 10 foot now just thoring that out there ' :innocent0009: we need toget a vine snake john havent found oen yet
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