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  1. yea i been there a few times, how are you doing? probably won't go to a gold outing you know me im in it for the pesky space rockz
  2. Hay is there still a gold basin outing? and if so what dates ?
  3. glad to here you all are doing well. yea I have been doing a little hunting do cold hunt now mostly but will probably be at the gb hunt this year
  4. wonder if there many of the old hunters on here anymore drop me a line
  5. thanks just glad to see some of the old friends
  6. Hay you all it's been a long time i hope all is well, jut dropping in to say hello. When do we do the annual hunt it has been a few years since i was in it ?
  7. Hey fokes I thank im gonna make it this year been a long time since i was out that way.
  8. Mike yea if i go out that way i never been to cal to hunt
  9. Frank na was not trying to go hunting this soon i mean in the next few mouths
  10. Fred na i live in vail AZ right outside Tucson, and i still got the tent been thought some modification though Have you been doing any kind of hunting ?
  11. Frank not a lot, been doing a lot of cold hunting, working and all that fun jaz. i kinda getting the itch to hunt a fan or gold Basin , so soon might have to run up there get one of them space turds . whats going on with you my friend ?
  12. Hey everyone been a long while since i have been on here wanted to drop in and see what everyone been up to
  13. have Ruben call me or get my number from him , i might just a have a pice for u, I have to look though my rocks
  14. hey guys glad t o here from you. not a lot. fredi got the tent putting a new zipper in it now and thats vail az
  15. O just hunting a lot and work ... still trying to get a good deal on a 14im mono for my minelab.. plan on doing a hunt here soon . how about you
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