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  1. I would have hunted a month just to "kick your butt" !!!!! :laught16::laught16: Besides half of everything you found was in one hole!!! 8 pieces !!!! How lucky was that!!! :ROFL: :whoopie:

    Just keep eatin' your cardboard and you will be as fast and handsom as this old guy someday...... :WOW::ROFL::laught16: :Huh_anim]:

    And by the way I've renamed the Ranger.........I call it the Meteorite Express !!! :laught16: :Huh_anim]: :icon_mrgreen:

  2. Thanks gentlemen.............

    Hunting meteorites is an aquired addition. I believe it's as bad as gold fever, at least for me. The company ain't to bad either. :icon_mrgreen:

    JohnB :cigar: and I had a great time pokin rocks :poke: and tellin' tales. New trips and new hunting grounds are already in the works. :icon_mrgreen:

    I'll get some more pictures up as soon as I get the chance ................... we also have some movies.

    Thanks Again


  3. Here is a little conversation piece for you meteorite fans! :icon_mrgreen: Here is a picture of the largest stone (375.7 grams) I discovered on a hunting trip in Nevada with JohnB. After researching :coffeetime: for classified meteorites in the area, we believe it is a new find. There is a possibility of a second I also found, but may be part of this one. Will be having it classified also. In either case the guys doing the classification will decide.

    John said it was the "HEMI"...................I said it was my skill and good looks. :laught16: Either way, it was fun kicking JohnB's butt. :laught16::ROFL: :rofl2:

  4. The burros used to be really thick around Lake Havasu area in the early days in the 70-80's. Unfortunately they are detrimental to native wildlife. Many have been destroyed, and, or removed from areas critical for Bighorn Sheep habitat. The thing to remember is they are not native wildlife, and are a ferrel population and destructive. They take over watering holes and will not allow native species such as deer and sheep to use them. :coffeetime:

  5. Great to hear from you Jason. And yep, we miss having you around these parts. :icon_mrgreen: Glad to hear you are all settled in and can get to a computer once in a while.

    Please give us your APO so we can send some mail to you.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jason and all of our heros.

    Oh ya, when you get back, you need to vote Harry Reid out of office !!!!!!!!! :ROFL: :whoopie:

  6. Erik,

    I have yet to see any meteorites that were found at Franconia with a VLF that I haven't been able to detect with my Minelab. If you have some you have tested and could not hear with a Minelab, please bring them with you to the next outing. I would love to test them with my Minelab. :icon_mrgreen: I would hate to think I am walking over meteorites with my Minelab that you are finding with a vlf, but anything is possible. :coffeetime:

  7. Dan,

    Nothing like a good mystery to get a discussion going. :Huh_anim]: I figured it was green paint shavings off a train wreck! :laught16::laught16:

    Seriously though, you had a good couple of days at Franconia. Sorry we couldn't find any Palo Verde's, but that's meteorite hunting. :grrr01: Next time for sure.

    I went out to Franconia this morning thinking the rain was going to quit and I could hunt. Well.............it hasn't stopped raining all day. :grrr01: :grrr01: Oh well that's the great thing about living 20 minutes away, there's always tomorrow.

    Hope you can make another trip soon.


  8. Astrobleme,

    In your reply to JOHNB your said,

    I've tried to help people working in the field understand why their specimens don't resemble meteorites but most folks are jealous of my accomplishments or in denial for their failures.

    I will respond to this statement in defense of those you have willingly tried to insulted.

    You have yet to try to help anyone here on this forum. As far as I see it you have only came to this forum to stir up arguments by expounding you self inferred expertise on all subjects. None of which has impressed to many here, if any at all.

    You also inferred that folks here are jealous of your accomplishments. So far all you have accomplished is to stir up S#*T. I haven't seen an original thought post yet.

    As far as our forum members being in denial of their failures, well I guess they all can't be a brilliant as you feel you are.

    If you came here looking for respect on your self imposed expertise by attempting to belittle others, you have failed miserably.

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