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  1. George,

    Words are impossible to come by with Norma's passing. There is no timetable when God calls us to his side. We can only look back at the wonderful years you had together and rejoice that you will be together again someday and until then know she is in God's Hands. I will pray for God to comfort you George.

    God Bless

  2. Hi Jim and all,

    Considering the tons of material that are laid down on our earth daily, Franconia may or may not be so unusual at all.

    There is one thing for sure that stands out about Franconia and Gold Basin, and that is the unbelievable amount of man hours spent within the field with metal detectors. Is Franconia a extra ordinary special place. Probably not.

    As Jim pointed out, almost every stone has been examined at least once so it seems. But more material is being found all the time which simply goes to show there is just no way or covering every inch of the area. The same goes for Gold Basin where there has been thousands of classified and unclassified meteorites found.

    So why 12 classifications from Franconia area and probably double that amount from Gold Basin area?

    There are a number of reasons. Start with the ever increasing number of meteorite hunters and growing every day. I know for sure I personally have infected a number of new meteorite hunters with the bug who found their first meteorites at Franconia and Gold Basin. And I am only one person. Consider how many Paleface, JohnB, and others have infected, and the story goes on and on from there. It's an infectious disease like "Gold Fever".

    I have well over a thousand of the small irons from Franconia, with the largest one at 23.6 grams. Just figuring out how to detect them was an adventure in itself and was a learning experience that was priceless in my eyes.

    My take is that the Franconia and Gold Basin has served this hobby and scientific communities well by introducing so many new people to a great hobby. For myself, it's a thrill to see the excitement on someones face when they show you their first meteorite. :icon_mrgreen:

  3. Surprised Jason wasn't all over this but.......... :icon_mrgreen:

    What could be the best meteor display of the year will reach its peak on the night of Dec.13-14. Up to 120 per hour can be seen in a N-NE direction. Peak viewing is around 2AM. I've seen this one many times and it's pretty good. Can last for a week or so.

    I suggest a little Jack Daniels in your coffee as it will be a little cool standing out watching...... :laught16:

  4. Hi JB and all,

    I guess you did ok, :icon_mrgreen: with 958.4 grams but..............Here's my picture of the 1063 grams I collected.post-68-1192197855_thumb.jpg

    Here is another shot of the 375 grammer.


    Just try to remember who found the FIRST SIX Stones.... :laught16: And as for me staying longer........ I didn't "miss my mommy"........... :laught16::ROFL: :rofl2: ..............and it was three days......And I will buy a Hemi when Pigs Fly.

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