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  1. From myself and our whole family, I would like to thank you all for your response to my plea for Prayers.

    I would like to inform you all that my grandson passed away as we had to make the decision to unhook all life support systems. He passed away in my daughters arms and in my wife and my presents. The doctors said it was SIDS and there was nothing that could have been done that wasn't done for him. Unfortunately, it is something that is an all to often occurance to babies at that age. They have absolutely no idea of how, or even why it occurs. It is an absolute mystery to the medical community.

    We are back home now and will have a memorial service here in Lake Havasu this next Saturday.

    Again I would like to thank you all for your outpouring of prayers for our family.


  2. This is a very sad thing . I am leaving for Flagstaff right now to say goodby to my grandson. The doctors said there was no chance and we have to let him go. Continue praying for our family as this will be a rough day and time for all of us.

    Thank you all

  3. Thank you all for your outpouring of prayers.

    At this minute it doesn't look good. The doctors said it probably was SIDS. It was just a storke of luck that they were able to revive the little guy. He is on a ventelator and has shown no signs of being able to breathe on his own or any movement at all. Please continue to pray for our "Baby Cole".

    I will let everyone know when there is any change.

    God Bless you all

  4. I thank you all very much. I just talked to my wife at the hospital in Flagstaff. Things are very bleak and they are not sure he will make it through the night. But we are still praying. It's very hard to understand why these tragedies happen and we are devastated.

    I just want to thank you all for you prayers.


  5. About an 2 hours ago my 3 month old grandson, Cole, was found not breathing and was revived and taken to Flagstaff Hospital. He is on life support at this minute and it doesn't look good. Please pray for him and our family. I only got to see and hold him for the first time last week.

    Thank You

  6. Dear Mr. JohnB,

    We have now received several more complaints about your status, and relating to the pink thong.

    It seems a Mr. Boxberger, who has ask us to keep his identity private in fear of retribution, has filed a complaint about a certain "mooning incident" that supposedly took place on Greggs Hideout Road after the last Nuggetshooter Outing.

    He has given a sworn affidavit that you allegedly did without any forethought of his driving skills or health, moon Mr. Boxberger as he approached us on the roadway in his pickup truck.

    As I did personally witness this cataclysmic event, I will be a witness for Mr. Boxberger if necessary. Mr. Boxberger swore that on approach he was looking at a Hereford Steer with a pink thong. After getting closer and loosing his lunch in the process, he was shocked to see you mooning him.

    He is considering civil damages at this time for monetary compensation for the case of beer (which he mooched off me) and to have the upholstery cleaned after loosing his lunch on the seat of his truck when the incident did occur. Had it not been early in the morning, your compensation costs could have been much higher, as we all know how much beer Mr. Boxberger consumes on a daily basis.

    Please be advised we have now been in touch with NASA, the FBI, and Highway Safety Commission, and the Cattleman's Association to help us on this alleged incident. We will be taking this in to consideration as to your " Highly Respected NuggetShooter Status".

    Roger Dyer


  7. Dear Mr. JohnB,

    I hesitate to reveal this aerial reconnisance photo which was taken from 22,000 feet above the Jackrabbit Ranch in Nevada on April 22, 2008. You have freely admitted to us on several occasions that you do own a pink thong and wear it on occasion. The photo does seem to confirm your own words.

    We need to know if you have ever been to the Jackrabbit Ranch, or know any other people in the photograph.

    Please be advised that this forum thread is being recorded for quality assurance and protection. We are also conducting this investigation in conjunction with Homeland Security and, an attorney from Oman.


    Roger Dyer


  8. UPDATE:

    Dear Mr. JohnB,

    I would like to inform you that our office here at Nugget Shooter has now received a number of complaints about your " Highly Respected NuggetShooter" status. We are currently going over the evidence which now contains some shocking photos and some high definition aerial reconnaissance photography. Be assured we will post this information once it has been processed.

    Roger Dyer


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