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  1. Dear Mr. JOHNB, I almost have enough beer cans saved to pay my membership fee! I'm drinking as fast as possible........ if only Jim Boxberger lived close by.................. :icon_mrgreen:
  2. Dear Mr. JohnB, We have now received several more complaints about your status, and relating to the pink thong. It seems a Mr. Boxberger, who has ask us to keep his identity private in fear of retribution, has filed a complaint about a certain "mooning incident" that supposedly took place on Greggs Hideout Road after the last Nuggetshooter Outing. He has given a sworn affidavit that you allegedly did without any forethought of his driving skills or health, moon Mr. Boxberger as he approached us on the roadway in his pickup truck. As I did personally witness this cataclysmic event, I wil
  3. Dear Mr. JohnB, I hesitate to reveal this aerial reconnisance photo which was taken from 22,000 feet above the Jackrabbit Ranch in Nevada on April 22, 2008. You have freely admitted to us on several occasions that you do own a pink thong and wear it on occasion. The photo does seem to confirm your own words. We need to know if you have ever been to the Jackrabbit Ranch, or know any other people in the photograph. Please be advised that this forum thread is being recorded for quality assurance and protection. We are also conducting this investigation in conjunction with Homeland Security
  4. UPDATE: Dear Mr. JohnB, I would like to inform you that our office here at Nugget Shooter has now received a number of complaints about your " Highly Respected NuggetShooter" status. We are currently going over the evidence which now contains some shocking photos and some high definition aerial reconnaissance photography. Be assured we will post this information once it has been processed. Roger Dyer Administrator
  5. Dear Mr. JohnB, Your $1,000 check for becoming a "Highly Respected NuggetShooter" Award was sent to a bordello in Oman. It was cashed by the owner of a bordello who seemed to be pissed about your over due bill. He did say that he had sold some of your meteorites and equipment that were confiscated before you were escorted out of the country, but that would not cover your bill. We are reconsiderating your "Highly Respected NuggetShooter" status at this time. Roger Dyer Administrator
  6. Just a reminder to all members. I have 7 confirmed non-renewing members. 2 spots are being voted on. That leaves 5 openings at this minute. Be advise if you have friends or family who want to join, now is the time. Thanks :coffeetime:
  7. Hi Mike, So far we have 7 confirmed they are not renewing. There is no way to tell how many will not renew. Won't know until grace period is up at the end of January. It's just a wait and see deal. :coffeetime:
  8. Welcome Howard Griffen from Morristown, AZ. Member #113
  9. Welcome New Member Max Borden. Member #112
  10. Thanks for the kind words Mr. President. But............... I'm just a little more visible as the secretary which gives the illusion I am doing the most. This has, and must continue to be a team effort. Not just the officers, but, all members doing what they are capable of, whenever possible. I wouldn't even consider doing the secretary job without a capable and honest treasurer, vice-president, and president. All of whom I have 100% faith in. I am just glad I can add some of my life skills to help build the WSPA. My work is 100% hinged on what the other officers and BOD contribute. Nothing
  11. Well.........I honostly don't remember who really came up with the idea. But it was probably me. :hmmmmmm: John knows I have CRS and often steals my great ideas as his own and then claims all the glory. :whoopie: .........unless the ideas a flop and he suddenly comes down with CRS too. :whoopie: :whoopie: Either way.....it's done! :icon_mrgreen:
  12. Gentlemen, As there is no one to oppose the nominations for the WSPA Officers positions, :Huh_anim]: I will simple dispense with posting a Voting Poll and declare your Officers will remain the same for year 2009. :icon_mrgreen:
  13. That's an awsome find Shep. Real History.................unlike JB's steel Balls.............
  14. Glad to see everything is ok. Have you ever considered moving out of that place? :icon_mrgreen:
  15. All Members, I have updated the website with story and photos about If I Can Outing. Look in the Photos and Video section. :icon_mrgreen: :whoopie:
  16. To say the Outing was a success would be an understatement. While we only had 20-25 members who showed up it was a fun experience for all who did make it. This was my first time out to the "If I Can placer" and I am glad I made the trip. For the most part the weather cooperated with warm temperatures. As for the roads going in and out of the area, they were rough, but passable for those of us who pulled trailers in and out. Slow going, and 4WD is a must as there is a lot of blow sand to contend with. We had a great Chili Night on Friday provided by 29er and crew. Saturday night was a "Steak
  17. Gents, It looks as though my dad will be able to make the trip with me. He's looking forward to it. :icon_mrgreen: Also it is possible JohnB might be able to get there also. He's still working on it. It would give us a great opportunity to have a good meeting together and have some long needed eye to eye discussions. :icon_mrgreen: Just think........a meeting with all officers present at one time!!!!!!! :woohoo:
  18. Looks like I may be able to get there Friday AM. :icon_mrgreen: But I will still plan on my own eats, just in case. I will throw in the "Grill" for your steak bar-b-que. I also carry 100 gallons of water. So will have extra available.
  19. Hi Vicki, I was wondering why there was nothing said about the BIG Coin Shoot at Laughlin. :icon_mrgreen: So Jimmy beat the crap out of JohnB? :innocent0009: News like that should not be suppressed!! Congrats to Mr.B !!!! :whoopie: :whoopie: :woohoo:
  20. JB, Slim, and Greg :icon_mrgreen: I was able to talk with Bill, John ,Gene, and a number of other members who were at the Nuggetshooter Outing. Many thoughts and ideas were thrown around having to do with both leased claims and patented claims, and equipment and how to obtain them for WSPA. It's an absolute that they are not going to come to us, so we have to seek them out. How? In the past we made a decision to put an add in the ICMJ and see if we could generate possible leads for leasing or buying claims. The idea seemed to fade away or get lost somewhere because of the same sticking p
  21. Anyone who is willing to run for President, Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary, please feel free to add your name for these offices. Thank You
  22. Gentlemen, 4 people is fine. Talked to Denny last night and he is in for the Presidents spot too. You now have at least a starting slate to work with. You can canvas for more potential people to run. :icon_mrgreen: As for the BOD, the officers and Claims Director will serve on the BOD as it is now. Additional BOD Members can be elected too.
  23. I am going to try and make it. My daughter is at this minute having our 10th grandchild and my wife is headed to Seattle for two weeks. So I am rather stuck with 2 ShiTsu puppies to watch over. But I am working on a dogsitter for them. I hope to make it all work. I will handle my own food because of the uncertainty at this minute. Looking forward to it. :coffeetime:
  24. OK Guys, Slim, you be the chairman and get it done. Thanks guys, it is a simple thing to do. JohnB said he would run for treasurer again, and I will run for secretary again. Denny and Bob said they would also be glad to run again I believe. So there is a starting place. Let me know when you are finished and I will post and pin a ballot at the top of the page for voting. Thanks Gentlemen !!! :whoopie: :whoopie:
  25. Hi Gentlemen :icon_mrgreen: (loosley speaking) I came home on Saturday afternoon. Although I didn't spend much time meteorite hunting I still picked up 3 pieces that weighed 180 grams, which was just about the same amount I gave away to new meteorite hunters that showed up at the outing. Sonny: It was great to finally spend time talking meteorites with you and getting to actually see your R-Chondrite. That was the highlight for my 9 days. The Outing was another success. Many new faces and a lot of old familiar ones were on hand to enjoy the stories and BS sessions we had till 1:AM e
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