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  1. Gentlemen, Be advised that the WSPA has a two week voting period for new membership and it has been that way since we started the organization. We also require a majority of the cast votes for approval. If you would like to change the way we are doing the membership process please submit it to the Board and we will be glad to look at it and bring it to a vote. So far we have never had anyone complain until now. We are always willing to look at any suggestions to help the WSPA. You will have to understand that WSPA is not an open membership organization, but a limited membership one. It
  2. I am leaving right now for Flagstaff to say my last goodby to my grandson who we have to take off life support. The doctors said it was SIDS. Please pray for our family. I'm sure it will be a couple of days before I get back home and to my secretary job. Thank You
  3. This is a very sad thing . I am leaving for Flagstaff right now to say goodby to my grandson. The doctors said there was no chance and we have to let him go. Continue praying for our family as this will be a rough day and time for all of us. Thank you all
  4. Thank you all for your outpouring of prayers. At this minute it doesn't look good. The doctors said it probably was SIDS. It was just a storke of luck that they were able to revive the little guy. He is on a ventelator and has shown no signs of being able to breathe on his own or any movement at all. Please continue to pray for our "Baby Cole". I will let everyone know when there is any change. God Bless you all
  5. I thank you all very much. I just talked to my wife at the hospital in Flagstaff. Things are very bleak and they are not sure he will make it through the night. But we are still praying. It's very hard to understand why these tragedies happen and we are devastated. I just want to thank you all for you prayers. Roger
  6. About an 2 hours ago my 3 month old grandson, Cole, was found not breathing and was revived and taken to Flagstaff Hospital. He is on life support at this minute and it doesn't look good. Please pray for him and our family. I only got to see and hold him for the first time last week. Thank You
  7. Hi Rich, It runs around $150 per year.
  8. Thanks Gentlemen............ Every friend I have are good people I have met on this forum. You all have enriched my life over the years. Thank you all very much. :icon_mrgreen: I sincerely mean that.
  9. Thanks Max, I really need one of the officers or members who is totally familiar with the organization and how it functions. I appologize that I didn't make that clear. :coffeetime:
  10. Hello Slim, Sorry, but as a non-profit corp we cannot pay or exchange with any members. We don't want to face any problems as favoritism towards any particular member by buying anything from them. We made that decision a long time back. It could be construed that someone is getting a kickback somewhere down the line.
  11. Just a few words from the secretary......... Thank you John for the great ideas. :coffeetime: 1. I would be glad to create a public page or two or whatever, for the WSPA's public information site. On one condition attached. As I already have enough to do with the secretarial job. I don't want to try and handle more things right now. We would simply have an e-mail address on the site and someone other than myself, can be responsible for following up on all of the inquiries. 2. I also think it is time to let the WSPA buy it's own web space and let the WSPA pay for it. I think this Associa
  12. Hi Steve, Sorry to hear your not joining up again. You are always welcome. Roger
  13. Welcome new member Donald Rast of Kirkland Az. Your member number is number #118.
  14. Welcome new member Bill Samarin from Hacienda Heights Ca. Your member number is #116
  15. Welcome new member Mike Gleason from Scottsdale, Az. Your member number is #17
  16. There was never an application received from Ray Garcia so there was not supposed to be a vote. This was my mistake.
  17. Welcome new member David Lanier of Long Beach, Ca. Your member Number is #115
  18. There was no application sent in by Dennis Lundine, so there was not supposed to be a vote. My mistake
  19. There was no application sent by Darryl Mansfield so there was not supposed to be a vote. My mistake.
  20. There was no application ever received from Steve Snyder so there was not supposed to be a vote. My mistake
  21. Welcome newest member Joseph Chmiel from Lakewood Ca. :icon_mrgreen: Member #114
  22. Welcome Max, Glad to see you got to the forum and website OK. This is a good bunch of people to be associated with. :coffeetime:
  23. Happy New Year to all. :icon_mrgreen:
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