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  1. At the BOD Meeting we decided to go ahead and make up posts. Gene likes them to cure for awhile as they hold up better. I don't know if he has started a batch yet. We also decided to purchase Federal Mining signs and have them availableto install. I don't remember who at the meeting said they were going to get them and the minutes I took does not reflect who it was. Any BOD member remember who it was?
  2. Below you will find the minutes from the meeting. If you have comments or questions please feel free to post them. Minutes for Board of Directors Meeting held May 17-18, 2009 Item 1. Establishing Annual Outing 1) We discussed outings and club functions and established 5 main outings covering from June 2009 to March 2010. A. Pigeon Springs, June 26th-29th 2009. B. Rye Patch, September 18th-21st 2009. C. If I Can, November 13th-16th 2009. D. Alamo/Greaterville, February 5th-8th, 2010. E. Gold Basin, March 26th-29th, 2010. An informal Pot-Luck Dinner will be held at each Outing on each
  3. Welcome new member Jon Kishi. Your member Number is #037.
  4. The meeting for the BOD was held at my home in Lake Havasu City Friday and Saturday. A total of about 20 hours was devoted to WSPA Business. In attendence was myself, Dennis Miller, John Blennert, Bob Dunkin, Gene Tolman, Mike Krisher and Chris Ralph by telephone. A host of subjects were discussed and many decisions were made for the good of the WSPA. Some will be put to a vote in the near future as they will require a vote by the membership and a By-Laws change to institute. Many do not and will be instituted as we go along. The first order of business was the addition of Mike Krisher as a
  5. A application for Membership to WSPA has been submitted by: Jon Kishi of Los Angeles Ca. Former TV and Film Stuntman and former Off-Road Racing car fabricator. Due to injuries in filming he now works as a handyman and sells prospecting equipment for a west LA business. His prospecting experience started in the 80's, but became more interested and dedicated to the hobby in 2005 and enjoys the people you meet in the hobby. Jon owns a drywasher, metal detectors, and numerous other equipment and would like to help WSPA and other members. Please make comment Thank You for considering Jon as
  6. There was a slight change for New Member Voting made at the BOD Meeting to the procedure of voting for new members. Actually, we are simply going back to the original method that we used. There will be a 1 week comment period and then a 1 week voting period. Thank You :icon_mrgreen:
  7. My thanks to all who were able to make the trip and do the work needed. It is appreciated. I know what that terraine is like as I was exploring it at the last outing. I also put the claims on the website. Thanks again.
  8. Buck is from Landers Ca. He is retired from the Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. and a USMC Vietnam Vet. He is active with several prospecting organizations and a friend of Bob (29 Prospector). Welcome to the WSPA. Your member number is #029
  9. Glad to see the posts are getting done. Thanks to all of you gentlemen who are taking part in that. I will post the claims on the website now. Again, Thank you all. :icon_mrgreen:
  10. As much as I hate to say it, I am going to have to scratch the outing. I was looking forward to spending a few days out there, but I just know I would be useless trying to do anything. I'll be looking to see what get's accomplished. This just plain sucks!
  11. Three AM Friday morning and I am not sure I will make it. Woke up to a lot of back pain. The trailer is loaded and ready to roll but my back isn't. Playing this by ear (or should I say back). This just sucks. :grrr01: :grrr01: :grrr01:
  12. Hi Fred, Hate this time of year. Allergies for a solid month now. :grrr01: :grrr01: :grrr01: Try and keep pics to jpg. format and insert 1 at a time. Jpegs use about 1/10 the space too. Take Care
  13. Welcome Steve Snyder of Phoenix to the WSPA. Your Member number will be #016. Please follow the instructions pinned above and add it to your avatar. Thank You
  14. I'll probably make it out, but will be parking trailer just off highway and run in with the Ranger. It's a lot less hassle that way. Looking forward to it.....................
  15. Welcome new member Matthew Fabian. Matt is from Northern California.
  16. In usig the claims, we just want every one to use common since and be safe. In other words, if you are going to repel into a 300 foot deep mine shaft, make sure you dont try to carry to much dynamite with you. and take your GPS....................... :icon_mrgreen: :grrr01:
  17. That is great John. It just goes to show that it's still there, even when the experts say the claims are all hunted out. :icon_mrgreen: Congrats
  18. I understand fully Fred. You know I am a very sensative and shy person too. :icon_mrgreen:
  19. Hi Fred, I remember some of the discussions as to what guests can do and not do. The major part of the discussion ended up as to the duration of the visitors ability to be allowed on the claims. That turned out to be the major discussion and the rest never really got totally ironed out (I think). Although not specifically addressed in the R&R's, we, if my memory serves me correct, decided that a guest could use a metal detector along with the member. I just don't think we wanted a member with guests setting up 6 dry-washers and crews running them, so we decided 1 dry-washer was e
  20. Bill was going to change the password on the 1st. but forgot. It is now functional.
  21. Welcome Casey Glad to have you on board. :icon_mrgreen:
  22. Welcome Ray Garcia to the WSPA. Your Member Number is #21
  23. If you dues have been paid you should have already received (by email) the new passwords for the forum and websites. The only one I cannot contact is Jeff Goddard. If anyone is in contact with him he needs to send me his correct email address. If you didn't get it then contact me. Thank You
  24. Casey was at the last Nuggetshooter Outing and I had an opportunity to spend some time with him. Casey lives in Scottsdale. Welcome Casey Your Member number is #27
  25. From myself and our whole family, I would like to thank you all for your response to my plea for Prayers. I would like to inform you all that my grandson passed away as we had to make the decision to unhook all life support systems. He passed away in my daughters arms and in my wife and my presents. The doctors said it was SIDS and there was nothing that could have been done that wasn't done for him. Unfortunately, it is something that is an all to often occurance to babies at that age. They have absolutely no idea of how, or even why it occurs. It is an absolute mystery to the medical comm
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