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  1. Lotsa Luck, I understand your concerns about sharing hard earned areas. There just getting harder to find every day. If you want to talk about it please feel free to contact one of us . We all understand what you are saying and certainly don't want anything but a first class organization trying to reach the same goals. That being a non-political, well run association of 100% honest people. Thanks for giving it consideration and again, if you want to talk, we can do that. :icon1: We would want you to be comfortable with your decision. Roger Dyer
  2. Anyone who would like to talk to one of us , Myself, Bill, Denny, or John, feel free to contact us and have a chat about your thoughts about claims. At this point everyone has their hands full and I will be your first contact at this point. Please post here or PM. Thank You, :icon1: Roger Dyer
  3. Hello Randy, We are ready to hear what anyone has in mind about claims. I will be glad to call you and discuss them whenever it is convinient for you. All will be held in confidence. If you want me to call you, please PM me your phone and I will PM you mine immediately and you can call me. As far as information about the claims, we can discuss that on the phone. Thank You. I am looking foward to speaking with you. :icon1:
  4. I am in total agreement with your decision and will do it. I think you have made a wise decision, as usual. :bowdown: Seconded
  5. I guess I already forgot :zapped: what we talked about but that works for me. $135 per year dues. What about an initation fee?Did we talk about that? :confused0013: I guess I have CRS.
  6. I will act as the associations historian/photographer until such time as you elect one or boot me out. I think we need to do that so as some historical records are kept from the start. I would also ask that as we go along in this adventure, that those who also take pictures send them to me as I know I certainly can't be everywhere at once and will need anyones and everyones help.
  7. We did decide that was an absolute Bob. Only more than fair. :icon1:
  8. Our claims may well be located all about the entire Western States, and that's why I'm pushing that thing Bob ............and glad you made the trip home safely my friend and it was a pleasure meeting you. :whoopie: WSGPA
  9. "Western States Gold Prospecting Association" Think BIG guys, the word club implies a local club and I would like to see the word Association used and not club as we want to include all the westerrn states for expansion. Let's build a skyscraper and not a mall! :whoopie: Remember it's not a mining claim it's an organization. Let's name it something BIG.
  10. After we get Christmas and New Years out of the way I will be free to go anywhere and do anything necessary. If claim work is needed, "Have Trailer, Will Travel". :spinnin: :woohoo: I can also do maps, tell me what you want, how big and how many. I can start tomorrow morning, just point me in the right direction. As far as initation fee I will suggest we make it somewhere around $125 with yearly dues of $50 to begin with and adjust from there. We need a starting point and I feel this is not out of line. It's around what the Havasu Club charges. More? Less? :confused0013: I'm ready to
  11. "Western States Nugget Shooters Association"........................ I can visulize a logo with parts of a waving flag, mountains, sunsets, etc. in the background along with ............ real pretty, but not logical Having designed logos for companies for 20 years, I will be glad to give it a go when and if. Just a few things that should be kept in mind when considering names and logos for things like companies, clubs, small businesses are.......... The name has to be well thought out to cover and not alienate or imply any specific geographic section in our case, remember we envision clai
  12. Hi Jim, I'm glad you brought it out as an issue and in fact needs to be addressed at the beginning. We never discussed any restrictions as far as use was comcerned. I persomally feel that the issue has to be disscussed on a per claim basis. The reason is that some of the claims will be on a owner / lease agreement and we will have to deal with that with claim owners and membership will ultimately make that decision unless we specifically spell this out in the by-laws at the very beginning. Thanks :icon1:
  13. Aproximately 25 people were at the planned meeting at the Franconia Outing . Naming all of those present would not be necessary, and I'm sure I would miss someone who was present . :icon1: As there was no official secretary around to take notes, I will try to remember the basics and relay them to you who have interest in a new gold club. Denny was kind enough to start things off with a basic idea of what would be needed and everyone put in their :twocents: and the overall conscience was to move to the next step towards forming a new organization. :mm: The first you see was to create a p
  14. Hey JB, I usually like to be insulted to my face. You know, sorta like the way you do. :hahaha: All I can say is that if someone presents himself as an expert, then he should make intellegent statements. Professing expertise about the Franconia meteorites, and never having seen or been there is not a wise thing to do. ;)
  15. Thanks Jason I just found about a 100 feet of rail.....................wonder what that stuff weighes? :hahaha: :hahaha:
  16. Good finds.................. Red Lake has been on my mind since the start of summer, but, it's just to darn hot for me to do that summer time hiking. Right now is my starting point and all winter will be devoted to hunting space rocks. Well ........maby a few gold trips too. Congrats
  17. Hello Lanny, Glad yo hear from you. It's been a while. A new 3500 eh'. I have fallen in love all over again after getting mine. Take care, and we will be waiting for a great story to appear. :wubu:
  18. Got to stand and look at the hummer with John. We decided it was just to big to steal! A real amazing thing to see!!!!!!
  19. That doe's it! I'm buying a backhoe and moving to Kansas with Dorthy and Toto! :P Actually I lived in Wichita for 15 years and graduated from high school there in the 60's. The best part about Kansas ..........was seeing it in my rear view mirror. Didn't know I was living such a short distance from a 6 million dollar rock!
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