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  1. There will be a 7 day comment period and then a 7 day vote. Making application for membership is Paul Keller from Chula Vista Ca. Paul is retired Navy. I will add Pauls bio as soon as JohnB gets it to me. John read the bio to me over the phone and wanted me to take shorthand. :hahaha: riiiight ......... Anyway Paul been detecting coins for quite a while and has some experience in prospecting..... Sounds like a member we need.
  2. Hi Calvin, It' involves simply to get a committment from anyone to run for an office. Once you have a slate together (Pres/VP/Sec/Tres) they will be voted on by the membership. There can be as many running for different offices as you can get to commit to doing so. Our by-laws say it is supposed to be a 5 man committee. I have no idea why we need a 5-man comittee. That's one of the things that needs changed on our by-laws.
  3. Gentlemen, It's that time again. Time to get an election committee together and vote for 2010 officers. So who will step up and do this job.
  4. Website has been changed and the claim has been added.......................... :icon_mrgreen:
  5. Welcome Gentlemen, I will be adding the claim to the website as soon as I get a chance.
  6. Slim, I have been hoping the price would go down to make it worth while to get on, but so far it's just to dam expensive to justify. Soon I hope.
  7. JohnB and Mike Krisher are going to take care of the Membership things and forum things. The website can wait until I return to be updated. Thanks gentlemen I appreciate it.
  8. When I leave Sunday for Rye Patch I will not be back to Arizona for at least 5-6 weeks at a mininum. Which means any communications/website changes/business/forum entries/emails/membership votes/contact new members/inquires/etc., come to a halt. I cannot afford to have a wireless card for my laptop at a cost of $700+ a year to do WSPA business when I am not at home. The job as WSPA Secretary/website manager/forum administrator/membership chairman/information officer, is a daily job, not occasionally. Is anyone 100% capable of doing my job as secretary when I'm not at home doing it for the WSP
  9. Greg, I hung up my professional Bass fishing career. Now I'm trying to follow in the steps of my heros Paleface Jim and JohnB as a meteorist. I will be headed through Vegas about 6AM Sun morning if you want to hook up and caravan to Rye. I go through Paraump and hit 95 that way.
  10. Thank you Maureen ...............always look forward to that Cornbread casserole!!!! My favorite. :icon_mrgreen:
  11. The website is about 100% functional. You can download most everything there now except a member list. I'm working on that. :icon_mrgreen: Make sure you do not use any outdated Membership applications you might have because of changes made. Delete them from your computer and download a new one pinned above. You will now find a Public Page when you access the website and will log-in from there to get inside the member only area.
  12. The Saturday night Pot Luck is on. Please post here if you would bring side dishes and what they are. :icon_mrgreen: Suggestions Any desserts. rolls and butter salads desserts chips and salsa potato dishes relish tray cheese and crackers desserts You get the picture............................... I'll bring a big pot of corn
  13. Chris...................... I am coming early so go ahead and give the RV Hook-up to someone else and I'll dry camp up top with Shep and Greg. I don't really need a hook-up anyway. Someone who is having guests or their spouse with them can better use it than me. :icon_mrgreen:
  14. As far as an agenda is concerned Shep, I am not aware of anything other than Saturday night. I will be headed that way no later than Sunday morning. I plan on eating fresh Walleye every day I'm there. :icon_mrgreen:
  15. Congrats Herb and welcome to the WSPA. :icon_mrgreen:
  16. Please be advised that we plan on having a general meeting on the Saturday night after dinner. Topics will be open from the floor.........plus those of the BOD and officers.
  17. A little getting a response in here....but that sounds great Chris. See you at Rye...........
  18. Vote on Membership for Herb Browning of Pine Valley Ca.
  19. There will be a one week comment period and then a one week voting period. Making application is Herb Browning. He lives in Pine Valley California. He submitted the following bio for the membership. My background for the last 16 years has been working with start up medical companys as an outside consulting engineer/machinist. I have a home based machine shop. The products are mostly surgical delivery devices, also some work with optics. That's one business. The other is a product that my son and I manufacture for sharpening hair clippers and scissors, called HandiHone( home based also). I
  20. Over the next few months I will be updating and upgrading our website. So if you go to it and find you cannot log-in or access something.............Don't Panic! It's just me working on it. :icon_mrgreen: :comp: :mixed-smiley-030:
  21. Dear Mr. JohnB........................... You might know a lot about Meteorites and Gold..................but You Don't Know $hit about Computers....................or for that matter, anything with a power cord attached that has more than one button. My suggestion is to bury your junk computers in that new back yard and use them for targets for testing metal detectors.........................
  22. This is sounding pretty good gentlemen. I will be there of course and would take an RV Hook-up spot if there is one. Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Thank you Chris for arranging all this. :icon_mrgreen:
  23. Welcome Joe Downs as a new Member to the WSPA.
  24. There will be a one week period for comments before a 1 week voting period. Below is a bio written by Mr. Joe Downs who is making application. Joe Downs I was born and raised here in the mountains of East Tennessee. A registered Hillbilly. I have lived here most of my 56 years. However, I spent nearly all of the last 7 years traveling for the company I worked for, Tate and Lyle. I lived in England for about 5 of those years, and lived a month or so in France. My travels have taken me to Slovakia and Nicaragua many times. Also in my travels were Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Mexico, and
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