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  1. I have reiinstated Steve to member status.
  2. Welcome Back Steve Bob will contact you with your member number and information.
  3. Reinstate Steve there is no reason to have a vote.
  4. A new password will be issued by VP Bob Dunkin by email to the paid members. The Password will change as of February 1st.
  5. Thanks gentlemen .............. now what comes after 61........ :hahaha:
  6. Congratulations to the new 2010 Officers for the WSPA. Thank you for stepping up to help the WSPA. President: Calvin Bunker Vice President: Bob Dunkin Secretary: Terry Bokmann Treasurers: Joe and Yvonne Merrill
  7. Hi Bob, You might want to put a PDF of the application here so they can grab it here too.
  8. Nominations for Officers will end Friday December 7th. I will then start the vote on Dec. 10th. and end Dec 16th. If those that are running for office are doing so unopposed on Dec. 10th. then there is no reason for a vote and shall be declared as the new slate of officers for 2010, and the vote suspended. It will then be necessary for those holding the offices prior, to see that a smooth transition be made and any and all materials and records you might be in possesion of be sent to the new officer and do so without delay.
  9. The Vote for the Senior Membership Dues passed and will be available for those who are age 62 by December 31 2009 and have paid the $100 dues prior to Dec. 31 2009. Dues paid after Dec. 31 2009 will remain $135.
  10. I would like to add my thanks to everyone and the new members who took part in the outing.
  11. At the Outing we discussed a senior discount system for those who will be 62 years old and beyond as of Jan 1st 2010. The proposal is to lower dues for those who fit that description will be $100 as long as they are paid before the December 31st. deadline. If membership dues are not paid before the December 31st. deadline, then they shall be charged the normal $135 per year and not receive the Senior Discount. This in no way changes the Normal first year initiation fee for new members of $135, Senior or otherwise. Vote will close Nov. 27th 2009
  12. I am still coming, but will only be there on Saturday, during the day. It would be nice if we could have a meeting during that time. How about 12 noon California time (PST) at the camping area. See you all there.
  13. I think you could all discuss this farther at the outing instead making a decision immediately. I agree with Fred as the numbers are infinite and there would be no harm to leave his name on it as a member. I also agree with Denny when he said that Jim would have said not to make a fuss over it. Personally I will always remember Jim every time I go to, or by, Franconia or Gold Basin. We could also consider adding an Honorary Membership Page to our website. I suggest we just take a breath and think it out and listen to everyones proposals before making anything permanent.
  14. In Memory of Jim (Paleface) Smaller, WSPA Member and friend. Those of you who knew Jim, like myself, are sad for his passing, but honored to have called him a friend. Jim was a mentor and possessed knowledge beyond that of anyone I have ever met. He was someone who you could never tire of listening to and learning from. Jim was a man of God, of Family and of Country. He cherished life and helping other people with a passion. Jim never tired of helping anyone who wanted to know about meteorites or gold. He never passed the opportunity to hand down his expertise and knowledge to anyone who asked
  15. Congrats Jerry and welcome to the WSPA.
  16. Vote for new member Jerry Brown, I am still waiting on the treasurer for the information so we won't wait any longer. Jerry is retired Navy living in So Cal.
  17. Hi Dick, Glad to see you will be able to get some time in prospecting. I'll see you at the outing.
  18. I will be there. Will bring dessert for the potluck.
  19. Hi Slim, I am not running for any office as I can do 10 times the good for the WSPA by putting my efforts to the website and forum reformation and instituting the changes we need, which I believe is more important than an office right now. I am still staying on the Board and will be pushing for overhaul of a lot of thing I have dealt with over the past three years. Thanks for asking, but I plan on to make the WSPA as smoothe as possible for the 2010 year and beyond. If anyone needs my help they know all they have to do is ask. Anytime.....
  20. Gentlemen, I will not be doing the Secretary's job in 2010. My reasoning is this......... As a BOD Member and secretary from the beginning I have given a lot of thought to what the officer's job description's are and they must all be re-designed to fit better with an on-line organizations needs. Every office should have an equal part in running the Association than just a title and should be held accountable for their jobs. When we started the WSPA we needed to wing things so that we were able to get things done. But now there is no excuse not to get things polished and running a lot smooth
  21. Vote for New Member Phil Wiles of Black Canyon City, Az. Phil is Lew's son. He started prospecting in 2003. He and dad Lew started working dry washes with self contained sluices, vacuum, dry washer, and metal detectors after finishing work. Phil's favorite is metal detecting. He uses a Minelab 4000 and a SD2000 and just purchased a ML Coin and Relic machine. He is proficient and finds several ounces a year. He has taught several people to use Minelab Detectors and has made friends from all over the country. He is a former Scoutmaster and has been an outdoor man all his life. He does a lot of c
  22. Vote for New Member Lew Wiles of Black Canyon City, Az. Lew is 75 years young and has been prospecting for 5 years. He has 2 Tesoro Metal detectors, a Gold Buddy self contained sluice, and a dredge highbanker Combo. His son Phil who is up for vote too enjoy prospecting together.
  23. Welcome New Member Paul Keller.
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