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  1. Hello Gents, Getting old is bad enough without health issues on top. Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers. Hope to be out detecting soon.
  2. Hi Fred,

    Hope things are going good. Been busy getting trailer ready to sell. Hope to have it sold and a new one ready by fall. My health is just off and on. Take care and have a good summer.

    1. fredmason


      hey, Roger;

      good to hear from you!

      I am considering going to Australia for two months...but I am not decided yet.

      Hope to see you in the Fall.

      best wishes


    2. ROGERD


      Sounds like a great trip Fred. Wish I was healthy and wealthy enough to do that. I'm opting for a new trailer instead.



  3. Hi Fred and all. Yes I'm still above ground. Haven't been out since last Christmas. Have been dealing with lots of doctors and a load of projects with house and trailer. Will be looking forward to seeing everyone. Roger
  4. I will be there. Someone has to control Shep & Patrick. Will be great to see some old friends. Will park in my usual place on JB'd property.
  5. Hi Bill, Maurine and Harry will be here any time and Estle is already here. I won't sign up for them but I am sure they will be at the potluck. That will make 3 more. Thanks...Roger
  6. I will bring some desert item. Shep...... You don't want to be digging up and transplanting anything. The tree huggers won't like that.
  7. Hello Bill & All I will be there. Just won't be camping at the GPAA.
  8. Glad to have met you Karl and congrats again. Always good to have a few newbies to beat up on around camp.
  9. Just so you know. The website username and password has not changed as Gene said. The website has nothing to do with the New Forum. They are not connected in any way. IF YOU TRY AND REGISTER AT THE NEW FORUM WITH AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT DOESN'T MATCH YOUR WSPA MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION ADDRESS IT WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. If you need to make changes to your email or any other part of your WSPA Membership information, contact Gene Tolman. Once you have been accepted on the New Forum, go directly to your PROFILE and get the information filled out. While you may use a alias/nickname like "Big Bad Prospec
  10. If you are trying to register at the new forum and use an e-mail address other than the one you put on your WSPA Membership Application it will not be varified. Please check with Gene Tolman to change your e-mail address if you have changed any information regarding your WSPA Membership.
  11. Yes I'll be there assuming no disastors.
  12. Just register and I will approve.
  13. Finally got an answer back from Invisionpower and it wasn't the one I was hoping for. They cannot move the information on this forum over to a new one. So my thoughts are to simply go ahead and do it anyway and get on with it. I see no reason that we need to save old post anyway. I will be able to cut and paste anything that we might consider relevent, but the major reason for doing this to begin with is to move all information from the website to the new forum. That I will have to do anyway.
  14. Thanks Chris and all who have volunteered to help with the WSPA in some capacity. It's good people like you, always ready to step up when needed, that will help the new officers get things under control and moving forward.
  15. Bunk, NuggetShooter is an Invision Board....so everything will be exactly the same. I would just bring in all the info from the website and post it here. The only difference is that we would own the board and there would be nothing but WSPA. We could eventually start an open forum if we wanted. That's up to the WSPA members. The only thing to remember is that the more Form traffic means that we would have to pay more. Besides, Bill's forums are the place to go for open forums....
  16. Gentlemen, I am currently in communication with Invisionpower trying to work out details of a changeover to our own community Board. What I'm thinking is to simply eliminate the website altogether and have all information located on the Board. There would be adequate space and would make things easier to locate and change by any Moderator(s) we choose. I'm waiting on a response from IPB at this time. What this means is that you will find the same information here instead of two seperate places. This will allow us to have a greater control of the entire WSPA at one location and assign Moderato
  17. Hi All, I plan on being there. Gold Basin is always a good time. :yuk-yuk:
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