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  1. Well theres' your answer Gregg............... I wouldn't want to guess where that finger has been though.........
  2. Hi Bob, The responsibilities of the VP is to take over for the President in his absence at general meetings. And to assume the position of president if the office is vacated. He must work closely with the president at all times to be informed as to what is going on within the WSPA. Basically, help wherever he can. As elections for officers is near and a slate of new ones will be voted in for 2009 it is not a real big deal at this time. More of a formality to abide by the WSPA by-laws.
  3. All Members, The WSPA By-Laws state that the Vice Presidents job will be appointed by the BOD if it is vacated. The BOD would like a list of those willing to serve in that capacity to choose from. So, if you are willing to do so for the remainder of the term (until the end of this year) then please post here on this thread. Please don't nominate someone.This is not an election. Just step up if you are willing to do so. :icon_mrgreen:
  4. Gentlemen, :icon_mrgreen: I see no reason we should not have all types of claims for the WSPA. As I clearly stated before on this subject, who is to say what will happen in the future of the WSPA. Doing pushes, backhoes and plans of operation are without a doubt a possibility. We are a wide and diversed group and should attempt to have claims to cover these scenerio. This is an infant organization still trying to get our feet under us. We have little history, but a big future ahead. Doing everything perfect, just isn't possible. I am a realists when it comes to the WSPA and know one
  5. All Members, As per the WSPA by-laws the Board of Directors will appoint a vice president to replace Denny's office. We will be taking this into account and will consult with each other and do so in a short time. I requested Bill stay on as a Board member and he said he would do so. :icon_mrgreen:
  6. Thanks Martin, As an officer of a corporation, it is possible that the definition of "control" might include leased claims of WSPA when it comes to the small miners exemption of the officers and the total amount held, even though they are not owned by WSPA. Interesting....................
  7. Thank you gentlemen, :whoopie: I have been trying to get this sticking point figured out. :grrr01: I am digging deeper now!!
  8. Hi Bob, I think you were referring to my post ? The "Claims Use" section at the top of the forum page was created to try and help the Claims Director determine the "use" and work done on any of our claims for filing exemptions. That was the "primary" reason. Detecting on a claim, for example, can be used to accomplish the "x" amount of time/money required to file the exemption. Basically created as a tool for the director. The secondary was to simply allow anyone to post finds and information if they would like to share their finds and, or information about any particular claim. That is
  9. Gentlemen, The idea of the Claims Use section at the top of the page was created to make evaluations about claims. How much use a claim is getting at this time or in the next year may or may not be indicated by member's reports, as they may not be taking the time to post it. If I for example were finding a lot of gold nuggets on a certain claim, I probably wouldn't run back and post where I am finding them to a 125 detectorists, for obvious reasons. Therefore I wouldn't take a lot of stock in surveys or the "Claims Reports" for making my decision to retain or dump a claim in their entirety.
  10. My question is when a corporation files claims how does the BLM allocate the actual claims when determining who's total number of held claims is affected. Do the BOD of the corporations names appear on the paperwork, or is it simply a blanket corporate name that is applied. What I am trying to determine is this .................. If a corporation has 10 board members and only claiming 80 acres.............then which of the 10 board members total of claims would be affected. Does the BLM simply add to every board members total, or ?????? is a filing done by individual board member names repre
  11. John and all, I personally feel that we need to go forward and implement area meetings so WSPA can move forward. While internet communications are great for individual communications, it does little or nothing like good old face to face meetings would do. And I highly encourage those of you members who are in the Tucson and Phoenix area to press forward to organize them. If a cost is involved for a meeting place, then I simply believe it is the cost of doing business, and have no problems with that. Unfortunately not everyone of us lives close enough to make the meetings. But, that shou
  12. Gentlemen, :icon_mrgreen: I am not advocating broken off chapters, governing themselves, using the WSPA name to go out and do their own thing. If someone wants to go out and start their own club then more power to them. I am only advocating that which would help the entire membership of the WSPA. I am for, as John said, to have localized area meetings where there is enough members to do so, under the direction of WSPA members and under the WSPA by-laws. Decisions would still be made and voted on by the total membership regarding WSPA. I want this to be for the good of all WSPA members
  13. Thanks Gentlemen, Yes we have discussed area chapters and felt it would be a good idea. They could even be State Chapters (or portions) under the direction of the WSPA and the BOD. Examples would be Central Arizona and Souther Arizona, and Northern Nevada. Localizing the efforts to find viable properties makes good sense to me. This would allow for physical meetings to be held and promote progress. I have felt from the beginning that the lack of actual meetings was going to be a stumbling block, and I am totally convinced that it is a major problem. Dialog between members, face to face is
  14. Hi Del & Fred, I ordered a couple of days ago from Amazon..............said they were in stock. :icon_mrgreen:
  15. Gentlemen, As I see it there is no "one" simple answer :Huh_anim]: to come to a perfect solution. May be that we need to get back to step #1, take a long breath and see what our common goals should be and how to work on obtaining them. Start by prioritizing just where we want to focus our attention so that it will be a concerted effort on all fronts and not helter-skelter. The original concept was to come together as an association, pool our resources through membership, and obtain claims by leasing or other means for all members to use. Simple ........Right? Speaking for myse
  16. Hi Allen, :icon_mrgreen: As you know, I have done a number of different Outing Videos. If I had unlimited funds to buy high dollar equipment then mass storage $$ would be good. I use a small Panasonic 3ccd camera with DV tape and it has worked excellent for me and I have shot and edited 100's of hours of DV. DV tape is the only way I would ever consider going, unless you are going to do HD. All things are relative to the amount of money you want to spend on video/editing/sound equipment. Skys the limit, as I am sure you have discovered. Quality=$$$$$ , but all things are relative. Tak
  17. I lost two of my old hunting and fishing buddies of 30+ years this week to cancer. :sadwalk: Both passed away within 24 hours of each other. We went on Friday to the first funeral, and today, we are going to say goodby again. While it has been a sad week, I thank God for the time we were friends and all the things we did together...........
  18. Hi Del, Yes............decimal point instead of( ' ). :icon_mrgreen: I will change the website.
  19. John Boy, Please take time to give a dissertation on the advantages of WSPA owning patented claims along with our normal leasing. :icon_mrgreen: Slim, It is not the job of the secretary to write down every conversations that take place within WSPA. It's the job of all BOD members, officers, and members to provide written information for archiving if they want it to be remembered. I am not a stenographer, :Huh_anim]: and will not be expected to remember what all 125 members tell me. :grrr01: When you are voted in as the next secretary you will see and understand where the word "dysfun
  20. Well appreciated Gene............have fun at Tonopah. :icon_mrgreen:
  21. Micro, I would be skeptical of getting involved as well. It's unfortunate that there are so many "paperhangers" out there, but that's just the facts. I went as far as paying a lawyer to tell me it's not worth it. And he was right about that. JohnB and I had a long discussion about claims and really came to the conclusion that patented claims would be the absolute smartest way to go for the WSPA. Ownership is best and eliminates many problems. Having some patented claims would allow us some great opportunities. Not to say we won't continue to lease when available, that option is always ava
  22. Thanks John and other members, Actually I remember talking about club claims while at Rye Patch, but, I don't remember what we actually discussed. So I will assume you are correct in your recollection. :icon_mrgreen: It's the hazards of getting older.........no short term memory. You will eventually get there, and will understand the problem. Either way, mine sucks! :grrr01: My objective here is to make the point that we need to continue to add claims for the members and to give them an easy way to do that. If the Claims Incentive Program is the only way we are going to allow this to
  23. Gentlemen, If you have specific reasons this will not work, then please let us know. We need to know the Pro's and Con's connected with this before we decide to attempt it. Let's hear the negatives so we can make some decisions. :icon_mrgreen:
  24. Gentlemen, :icon_mrgreen: No one is going to be given a claim or money to an individual member. The idea is to provide claims for members to hunt on and I am trying to figure out a way to do that and only that in a safe and legal way....nothing else. If we need to get a lawyer and pay him to decide if it is , legal, and safe to do this, then we need to do just that. We can sit and do nothing or we can get a professional opinion. The rest is simple speculation and opinions. No one here can give anything but their opinions, we need legal advise on this matter I guess. Otherwise we ar
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