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  1. Hi Gents, :icon_mrgreen: Keep in mind I will be bringing the big grill for Sat night community steak fry. Make sure everyone trys to bring a little wood for the fire. And don't forget a big ole steak. See ya all there :whoopie:
  2. Hi Jim, :icon_mrgreen: October is when I think we all finally start to get out and hit the hills. But, Jan. thru May is good too. Enjoy your snowbird time prospecting down here in Arizona. :icon_mrgreen:
  3. To All Members, :icon_mrgreen: We need 1 Committee Chairman and 4 members to step up and be the Election Committee, and canvas for people willing to be officers for 2009. To make it a simpler process, Bill, or I will start, and pin, an officers nomination thread so anyone who would like to run for office, can sign up and run for any specific office. In addition your committee will also make nominations as per the WSPA By-Laws. Then on December 1st we will post an election thread for voting for 1 week. Article 7, posted below explains voting and elections. PLEASE SIGN UP FOR THIS TA
  4. Hi Slim, I am not sure whether a dozer or a backhoe would be best. We could always put a scraper on a backhoe. The last time I heard of a diesel like that I was driving old John Deere "D" Model Tractor which was a 40 something. I was a ripe old age of 10 years and plowing fields back home in the midwest in the 50's. Hell, I'm still dizzy from going round and round in circles as a kid. :whoopie:
  5. Yip.......... I have been watchin' and deletin' a number of them too. :bek082: Glad you got it fixed! :whoopie: I thought it was that dam JohnB advertising his bordellos'.......................
  6. Go ahead JB........I do the inspections for you until your out of jail...............again......... :Huh_anim]:
  7. Gentlemen, I don't believe the Old Woman Mountains Wilderness Area is off limits. It is a Wilderness area designated in Oct. 1994, under the California Desert Protection act and is off limits to vehicles travel within its boundaries. Like most all Wilderness areas it is open to limited use. Check with the local BLM office for allowed uses and access routes. :icon_mrgreen:
  8. Bob, I'm with JB on this............... You don't need a doctor to fix those screws. Just have the mechanic who fixes your cars do it. They only charge $60 bucks an hour and a doctor gets $60,000 an hour.
  9. Thanks for sharing this with us Sonny :icon_mrgreen:
  10. Bob, As far as holding a fundraiser on BLM land (claims), the answer is no. We hold our meetings at Gold Basin on JohnB's private property for legal reasons. Also the coin hunt's held by Bill for Nuggetshooter Forums, are held there for the same reasons. That being said I would encourage those who can donate privately as Uncle Ron has done, to do so. I would also agree that the WSPA make a private donation to the same. Unc, No, Grumpy does not belong to WSPA. Thanks :icon_mrgreen:
  11. Thanks Gentlemen, Let me get this straight....We need a gold bearing property, on a lake, next to a bordello, with hook-ups, with no time restrictions. Should be easy to find.............. :outtahere:
  12. To All Members :icon_mrgreen: I was reading comments by Carlos and JohnB and just wanted to relate what I would like to see happen with the WSPA's future. I don't have any knowledge of the DGD and their club functions, claims and locations. By conversations read, I will assume they are a localized club. Meaning claims and membership within the Tucson locality and southern Arizona, not unlike Havasu Gold Seekers who I have local knowledge of up my way. A localized club is conducive to monthly meetings and outings and social events. The WSPA was never conceived as a local club, but
  13. Hello Rocco, As usual, it is really hard to tell from the pictures whether any of your suspect stones are possibly meteoric. Definitive answers probably should be made with a closer look. My first impression is that none of the stones are meteorites, but looking at a picture and guessing, is not the proper way to get an absolute answer. Weathering of a specimen can fool anyone. Fusion crust can be totally weathered away, or in the case of a fragment, non-existant. That being said, have them looked at by someone in your area to be definitive. Some stones are easy to look at and identif
  14. I'll be there holding down a piece of dirt. Someone has to keep JohnB humble! :icon_mrgreen: I will also bring around 6.5 kilos of never before seen space rocks to look at, :ph34r2: like this........
  15. Frank, We are all sorry to hear of Robert's passing.
  16. Ladies and Gentlemen, Pinned to the top of the page is a Waiting list for membership. Please take note of it. I will update it as we have perspective inquiries. Thank You :icon_mrgreen:
  17. This is a list of the people who have contacted us to be put on the WSPA Membership Waiting List. If you have any friends or family who wish to be on the list, have them contact me with their information. Make sure they understand we are an Online organization and Do Not Print Claims Guides for distribution. Information needed; Name , Address, Phone, Age, Email address They can contact me by email at: rogerhd@npgcable.com List 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  18. Gents, As I said I had no way to varify where the photos came from. But if anything, it's a reminder for us to pay attention to where we are detecting. I have seen scores of rattlers over the past 50 years and have a healthy respect for them. :icon_mrgreen:
  19. Thought you might like to see what a ball of rattlers look like. These pictures were supposedly taken down by Oracle. This should make you think to watch where you walk. :worm1: :escape: or dig... :postdigger:
  20. Hi Texas Hunter, Welcome to the forum. Can't imagine there isn't anyone out your way that hunts meteorites :Huh_anim]: A lot more action on the forum as things cool down and people start getting out and posting finds. Good Luck
  21. Del, I have no clue how all these ratings are done but everything I read says you are wrong on your FNC opinion ............but I'm a Republican and I still love ya man!! :icon_mrgreen: That being said.............. the Arizona Game and Fish doesn't allow us to hunt Bigfoot...........besides they taste just like chicken anyway. :icon_mrgreen: Fox News Channel Leads in 2007 Cable News Ratings MSNBC, CNBC, CNN Headline News Experience Growth By Marisa Guthrie -- Broadcasting & Cable, 1/4/2008 5:11:00 PM Fox News Channel once again ended the year as cable’s top news network,
  22. Hi Sonny, Careful not to step on any of those "SOFT" meteorites left in your back yard! :icon_mrgreen:
  23. Hi Slim, My secretary's job is almost over, and someone else can take it over for a while. All the groundwork and headaches have been figured out. This job will be pretty simple for the next secretary. :icon_mrgreen: I will continue to take care of the website and may actually have the time to start expanding it into a better site for members to use.
  24. JohnB, I just sent you a couple receipts for paper and ink. Spent the last 2 days doing all the small miner's exemptions on our claims. Got them all mailed to owners. Now I guess I will just wait and see how many of the address were correct. Hopefully all. :Huh_anim]: Not sure how I ended up with another job for the WSPA :confused0013: :outtahere:
  25. Thanks for stepping up Bob and as soon as Denny's back we will make our decision. He's been President for 1 week and had to take a week's vacation already. :Huh_anim]:
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