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  1. Just a reminder as to the chat :comp: tonight. You can voice your ideas and opinions. :smrt1: Thanks
  2. Maby I can answer your Question Bob "29er"............ Your WSPA Claims Guide has all information regarding the use of all claims, directions to and some descriptions of them. Some are multiple use and some are Metal Detecting Only. All RESTRICTIONS are clearly spelled out in the guide as they were presented to me for publication BY THE CLAIM OWNERS. Hope this helps. :icon1:
  3. To All WSPA Members, Your Claims Guide and Information Packages will be distributed at the Gold Basin Outing for WSPA on March 17th & 18th. at the meeting. All of those that will not be attending will have them mailed the following Monday after I return home from the Outing. :whoopie: All future claims information & updates after that, will be mailed to you as soon as it is all processed. Thanks for your patience on this, as we are all anxious for the Incorporation papers to become final. Thanks :icon1:
  4. If you have a item you would like to have put on the meeting agenda for discussion at our first official WSPA Meeting please post what it is under this post. Just the title please............don't need a discussion here.......just want to get the agenda in place and printed before meeting. :coffeetime: Thanks Roger THIS IS NOT THE OUTING AGENDA
  5. Gentlemen, We will get an agenda together and post it here in the next few days. :coffeetime: Thanks, Roger
  6. Yes Arizona Time. I will also be there to answer questions. Thanks, Roger
  7. I would certainly be there as I have never done any dredging. Would be a good education. Great idea Bob. :whoopie: I don't have a dredge, but would like to see how it's done in person...........
  8. All Members, (Seeker & Slim) Please PM, Email, or call me to hold any club information, (Claims Guide included) as I will be doing the mailing for the WSPA. :icon1: Just let me know an alternate address and I will send it to you. Because I am better looking than Bill, Denny or John, I will be your WSPA SEcretary. :whoopie: I will be glad to give anyone my phone, Email, or address, just PM a request to me. Please do not post your requests to me here as I might miss it in all the other general info posting. :icon1: Thanks
  9. WSPA Members, Just a quick update about theWSPA Claims Guide and Info Booklet. The guide will contain full color maps and directions of the claims and all information pertaining to each individual claim (or claim group). Nothing will be sent out until all are printed and will be mass mailed the moment we receive the legal paperwork back from the state corporation commission and the guides are complete. There's only one way to do this and that is the " Right Way" and be assured that's the way we are doing it. I realize everyone is anxious for this to happen, but, there is nothing WSPA can
  10. Hi Unc, and all You will be well rested to explore some new claims as it will be a while until we get all the paperwork finished. Legalities work s l o w. We want everything 100% before we open the gates for your association claims. :icon1: Everyone will have to be patient. We all want it going as much as you. :icon_mrgreen:
  11. WSPA Members, :icon1: Just wanted to update the membership on what is happening on club claims. I cannot give any specific information dealing with claims other than we are aquiring a number of them at this time, both in Arizona and California. All I can pass along is that they should be good ones for club members to use. I have been working on the maps and the initial mailing out of claims and locations. We are still a month or so away of opening up the claims as we will have to wait until all the incorporation papers become final. But so far it looks real good and we will be in good sha
  12. The rules are written and will be upheld for the good of the membership. As we all paid the same to join, we should all have the same rights and the same obligation to adhere to the WSPA rules. They were not conceived for the good of any one person or alterior motives in mind. To suggest this is simply irresponsible and false. As Bill said if you believe you cannot participate within the Association rules, then it would be to your advantage not to join. The intent is to be fair and equal for every member, nothing more and nothing less. :icon1:
  13. Hi Bill, Same thing going thru my mind. This gives us the opportunity to have an association meeting and get to know who's who. And discuss the direction that members want to see the WSPA head. :icon1: Set a date now so that everyone is aware of it and can get their schedule set to attend.
  14. Gentlemen, A lot of good information and ideas you are bringing foward. All are things we will have to deal with at some point. The crime and punishment aspect has to be addressed with the future membership of WSPA. To try and determine every senero that could possibly happen and pre determine a punishment is probably not possible or practical. I can simply look at our court systems and say it's almost impossible to predetermine. But I agree that, we need to have an avenue to go down, when and if something occurs. Public relations as an organization has to be a high priority, as we are
  15. Lotsa luck, No harm at all done. We want, encourage, and will entertain any ideas. I will get with Bill, JohnB, and Denny and kick it about. As for how we decide whether to claim or lease claims, we look at each individually. Either Bill, myself, Denny, or JohnB, or combination of, will be going out and looking at the areas or claims first hand and of course with the owner or owners if applicaple. We actually have a evaluation form to fill out and discuss, the good, the bad, and the ugly parts. We want to look at things like access, camping, whether there are adjacent claims, are they proper
  16. Lotsa Luck, The membership is waived only for claims held by you. We would then pay the yearly assement fee as long as the agreement was in tact.. It's to your advantage to hold the claim in your name as you will have it if anything ever happens and you choose not to re-lease claim back to the WSPA or even quit the WSPA. It's at least still in your name. The paying for memberships for areas to claim is not something that we ever discussed doing. Your question as to how do you trust WSPA officers, members, integrity when discussing areas to claim has to be the same level as we have in y
  17. Bill, CLAIM USAGE - No member shall continue to use a Club mining claim or continuous claims for more than 14 days in any 30-day period. The word continuous needs to be changed to contiguous as it is the correct meaning we intended , and literal point, of that line of copy in our by-laws. The word contiguous means 1. Touching at the edge or boundry, 2. Close, but not touching, adjacent. (same geographic area). This should clear up any questions of our intent. Thanks, Roger
  18. Thanks Rex, It's good to know we have all this talent available and can call on someone to help. :icon1:
  19. Lotsa Luck, That's great to know! Sold my sign company 2 years ago this month. Don't miss it, just all my equipment!!!!! :icon1:
  20. :icon1: Hey, Lotsa Luck, not trying to exclude any help but I spent almost 30 years in the sign industry and well .....needless to say I, like you have about every graphics program known to modern man. :zapped: So it's been quick and simple for me to just do it. Cards are already printed. As far as T-Shirts and hats we have put that at the end of the list. Just had to prioratise and well.........non essientials, at this time will have to wait. But we will eventually get to that point. We promise. :icon1: :zapped: :shrug: And it may be sooner than later. We will keep you in mind on the
  21. Here is the WSPA logo. We have decided to use a simple and straight foward logo. Simplicity will be the normal as it is more cost effective in reproduction for WSPA's future use. Colors will be flexable so we can simply use black and white stationary, etc. I will expand the logo to official stationary and other items such as window decals, hats, etc. as needed. Again different color combinations and layouts will be used as necessary, but the overall fonts will not change. To save time answering questions about hats, patches and the like, I will just say we are addressing the necessary things
  22. As far as I am concerned that works for me. I am certainly curious as to city and state of perspective members as long as personal privacy is not an issue with the individual. :icon1:
  23. The list pinned above is a perspective list, and only that. As the membership becomes an official list of paid members it will change for sure. The last thing we want is someone getting personal information for personal gain by using WSPA list of e-mail adresses, personal addresses, phone numbers,etc. The last thing anyone wants is to be added to another spammers list or sales calls and all the bad things that are connected with the web already. Club members will have the option of having none or any part of information they wish added to any and all list held by the WSPA published. The membe
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