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  1. Great to hear from you Jason. And yep, we miss having you around these parts. :icon_mrgreen: Glad to hear you are all settled in and can get to a computer once in a while. Please give us your APO so we can send some mail to you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jason and all of our heros. Oh ya, when you get back, you need to vote Harry Reid out of office !!!!!!!!! :whoopie:
  2. Hi John, (Seabeejohn) We know a lot of the members live other than local and that's OK. Sometime just good old pep talks and ideas are as good for an organization as physical labor. We are glad to have all members and their support. On a lighter note I have been bombarded with people wanting to join and have been burning up the keyboard with corospondense. The cap is very close. :icon_mrgreen: Thanks Gentlemen
  3. That's good news and I think that is what precisely needs to be adopted. This is what the Charter Membership wanted and this is the best means for expanding WSPA in the future. :icon_mrgreen: I also want to say thanks to all of the members who are going out of their way to be so helpfull and do their part and I encourage others to do the same. The success of WSPA can't be left for a few to acheive. It's every members responsibility to help. Thanks Bill, you are doing one hell of a job leading. :icon_mrgreen:
  4. ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS As I have been sending out all the new member Claims Booklet/ Info/ Membership Cards, I just realized that I have been writing on them the date I was sending them out instead of the expiration date of 1/1/08. :grrr01: All of your Membership Cards are supposed to read an exp of 1/1/08. This again proves that I have CRS. So, I will be sending out new cards to some of you who got the ones I screwed up on. :grrr01: :grrr01: Sorry for the screw up ! Dam I hate doing dumb things.....................
  5. For All Members, :coffeetime: In regards to the sending out of Club Claims Info and other important documents. You probably noticed that I have been attempting to gather all members E-mail addresses . This is so we can send out WSPA information to you, including, but not limited to all future claims info. All the maps and directions will be delivered in a pdf. format so you will be able to save, print, and add them to your folders or however you choose to keep up to date. For those who want printed copys sent to them, they will also be available by contacting me. This option will be a
  6. I can answer this question...... It was decided on form the very beginning that there would be no claims information put on line for any reason. When the claims are finalized then they are given to me as secretary to make maps and directions and they will be mailed to members. Passwords are easily given to others, so thats why we made this decision from the beginning. This is at least an attempt to keep WSPA's information in members hands. Your right Jim, isn't it a shame we cannot use such a great resource because of dishonest people. :outtahere: Thanks, Roger :icon_mrgreen:
  7. Nothing like a picture of my 2 favorite things in life ! :icon_mrgreen:
  8. Gentlemen, Hind sight is always 20/20, and we all have it. Putting the WSPA in motion has been a learning process for the Board of Directors and members. It's an ongoing process and will always need to remain ongoing, to refine our organization over time, so that the WSPA functions smoother as the time passes. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will the WSPA be. Careful consideration is necessary to attempt to get it right as we go along. Quick decisions usually end up having to be changed or modified, whereas, well thought out ones usually stay in place. Patience is the key to getting
  9. There goes the neighborhood...................
  10. I need E-Mail addresses for the following member's so that I can send information or contact you if necessary in the future. Kevin Hoagland Jim Boxberger Ed Mackler Ed Murphy Calvin Bunker Dick Shultz Also if anyone changes their address or e-mail address please contact me for these changes. Please send them to me at rogerhd@npgcable.com Thanks Gentlemen
  11. Great to have you Kevin. :sign:
  12. Welcome Rob :icon_mrgreen: I will be sending out your Claims Guide and membership card. You can download the WSPA By-Laws pinned at the top of the page. The WSPA is a work in progress and we are making changes rapidly, so this forum is the best way to stay up to date. :coffeetime:
  13. Maybe I can clear up some questions on this thread having to do with procedures. Uncle Ron, In Article 3 of the By-Laws Termination of membership requires a simple majority vote. It was decided at our meeting at Gold Basin that all membership from that point on would be determined by a member ballot. Whether it would be a Simple or Super majority was not discussed. This could be discussed at the next meeting and amended to the By-Laws if a change is wanted. I think it was just assumed that a simple majority was all that was needed. The By-Laws will have to be updated to reflect the Gold Ba
  14. Rick, I was only going by your comment that you wanted to know"if it belonged". That comment lead me to believe you were concerned that someone might be hunting on John's property that didn't belong there. My concern is the safety of all members. Here's my concern for posting suspicious vehicles on the WSPA forum. If I am out at one of our claims and there happens to be a vehicle I don't know and I decide to take a picture of it and post it here. Then I get a phone call from a member who has just been out there with a perspective member in his truck. He tells me that when they got back
  15. My :twocents: , For me , my voting is a personal matter. I will live with the majority vote and deal with any problems as they arise within the membership. Problems will be confronted no doubt at some time or another and there will be decisions made that will make some happy and some unhappy. The main thing is that we do them in a democratic manner and then move ahead without bias. Thanks
  16. Rick, As was discussed at the meeting, there will be stickers for vehicles just as soon as we can get them done. I'm not sure it's a good idea to post pictures of vehicles and assume someone is breaking a law or hunting on a club claim. As we discussed early in formation of WSPA, we don't want anyone to become a claims cop. The best thing to do is to take a picture of someone on the claims hunting illegally, vehicle and tags, and then contact a board member. Then we will deal with it. Confronting someone in the field is a bad idea, and can lead to no good. There is nothing stopping anyon
  17. I am desprately looking for a member who owns a Pizza Parlor. Talk about hitting the Lottery!!! :whoopie: Seriously we are glad to have you on board Blake. :whoopie:
  18. Martin, I think that's a great idea and I will urge you to put together an initiative to adopt some type of plan geared toward it. As the father of an Iraq veteran, I appreciate the thought. I believe we could eventually have an outing weekend where we could have speakers on just about every facet of prospecting give a talk. I honestly believe we are building a group of the best metal detector people anywhere. An invitation could be provided to a number of military base newspapers for participation. Bring it on and let's get something in the pipeline to move ahead. Thank You :icon_mrgree
  19. Hi Dave, I won't be down in that part of the state to hunt. Bill can probably hook you up with some places around there. :icon_mrgreen:
  20. Hi Dave, Where in Arizona will you be coming to? Let us know, as there might be a chance for someone able to get out. Roger
  21. Erik, I have yet to see any meteorites that were found at Franconia with a VLF that I haven't been able to detect with my Minelab. If you have some you have tested and could not hear with a Minelab, please bring them with you to the next outing. I would love to test them with my Minelab. :icon_mrgreen: I would hate to think I am walking over meteorites with my Minelab that you are finding with a vlf, but anything is possible. :coffeetime:
  22. Welcome Gentlemen, :icon1: Your Membership Packets will be mailed to you today and should arrive soon. If you have questions I can help with concerning WSPA, please feel free to email or call. At the top of this page you will find the WSPA By-Laws for download. All claims information will be mailed directly to you. Roger Dyer Secretary, WSPA
  23. A big thank you Jim, for taking the Claims director position. I have the utmost confidence in your abilities to handle the job. :whoopie: Please feel free to call anytime I can help. Thanks :icon_mrgreen:
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