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  1. Hi Frank, There may be more interest in meteorite and gemstone sites than you think. And I don't see why we can't add an area on our forum to put up maps and directions to known sites that are not under claim of course. Arizona is jammed with great places to find petrified wood, jasper, geodes, quartz crystals, and I didn't scratch the surface of whats out there for rock hounds. :icon_mrgreen: Not to mention my favorite, meteorites. :icon_mrgreen:
  2. WSPA Members, Everyone should have them by now as I have emailed everyone I have email addresses for. If you did not, let me know. I am still missing email addresses for some members. If your name is on the list pinned at the top of the page, you need to contact me. Thanks Roger
  3. The WSPA will never be without problems and the persuit to solve them. It's just the nature of the beast. No blame can be put upon any one person. As officers of WSPA it is simply our responsibility to do what is right for the majority of this organization and move forward. Fix the problem and face the next. :icon_mrgreen:
  4. Gentlemen, As a member of the Board, I want answers to this and intend to get answers regarding this serious accusation.
  5. There you go Doc..............pissin and moanin about only one night in jail. I guess the three days in the TEE-WANA jail slipped your mind!!! Have you forgot the Martinez twins and the donkey already!!!!!!!! JB........that Donkey looked gooooood in your fishnets!!
  6. Hi Shep, Just doin' my part bud. This is gonna be one hell of an outfit now that your here! :icon_mrgreen:
  7. OK........... A very wise friend of mine once said " If you don't like the way you see something,....then mabe,..... you should change the way you look at it." I had to say that to myself over and over before it finally sunk in .................. :confused0013: Since that time, I try hard to apply that simple phrase, before I give an opinion. And of course I still find myself reverting back to my "open mouth insert foot policies". I find that sometimes my opinion on things, well....are not well thought out before I open my mouth.....(that's usually where I keep my foot). and start using
  8. Here is a list of members that I am missing email addresses for the following reasons /not working/no email on application/ unreadable on applications/non deliverabe/etc. PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH email addresses SO YOU CAN RECEIVE YOUR CLAIMS INFORMATION. KURTIS RYAN #80 CRAIG GESIRIECH #84 JIM JENNINGS #83 JIM BOXBERGER #35 Thank You
  9. I have put the vote on the revision at the top and pinned it. Thanks
  10. This is a vote to revise the Rules and RegulationsPlease take time to study before voting. Voting will end Tuesday 6PM May, 8th Arizona Time Revision Passed and is pinned at top
  11. Yes, most claims will be checked before taking them. Many are known areas. New claims filed as WSPA claims will be evaluated by work parties who go and spend a weekend or more looking things over. We have a large amount of membership who are real sharp at assesment of whats good and what's not. :icon_mrgreen: In fact I feel we have the best of the best with a metal detector anywhere in this country. :icon_mrgreen: In fact I guarantee that!
  12. The 3 day guest rule applys to the total of all claims, not 3 days on each. :icon_mrgreen:
  13. Hi Unc, :icon_mrgreen: 1. No, as the WSPA can choose not to renew any lease. The lesser would then revert to being a plain old paying member unless they decide not to stay as such....... 2. See #1 3. No the old cap at 100 still stands unless the membership votes to increase it at some time. The law of attrition will probably come into play at some time or another Unc, so we can deal with them at that time through a WSPA member vote.
  14. You will notice that at the bottom of this post I have my WSPA Member number displayed. ALL members are requested to do the same. Go to top of page under "MY CONTROLS" / Edit signature/ and enter your WSPA Member number. This should include your REAL name too. Something like WSPA #03 Roger Also when you send emails or PM's to me I will know who you are. Your forum name is NOT identification enough. I will eventually have all your names/ faces/and member numbers memorized, (when pigs fly) but until then please use the WSPA number so I don't spend hours trying to figure out who "guesswha
  15. I received the order from Doc last night and everything looks GREAT! :woohoo: Sorry "Unc" the color was selected and voted on by everyone who showed up at the meeting. :icon_mrgreen: Paleface.......the hats have a thin black stitching on the bill as an accent color. TOP QUALITY HATS!!! They look and feel like the Minelab hats. I would model one but I don't have the right color eye shadow ! Doc............remember........I voted for pink hats!!!!! :rofl2: Anyway we are in process of setting up a WSPA store where these items will be available. Soooooooo.......who would like the j
  16. I think you'll just have to shoot 5 members ............please do me first, cause I'm the secretary, and I ain't taken care of no points system!!! :icon_mrgreen: My job is to pick up after Bill, Denny and JohnB.
  17. WEBSITE IS NOW AVAILABLE You can add this link to your favorites in your web browser for access. Just right click the link and add to favorites. Just click on the link below and go to website http://wspainc.com/
  18. I know about dry heaving very well................my wife never has been much of a cook!!!!!!!! :Huh_anim]:
  19. Wow!!! That's impressive..........you have the complete collection of Pam anderson blow up dolls. I only have 2 of the 9 available. Looks to me Bruce wears a bit to much makeup...........reminds me of JohnB.... when he cross dresses.............
  20. Latest Technology write ups Gost towns and history of different Gold districs A small piece of geology by our soon to be new member Chris Ralph would be great! How about recipes from our WSPA chef's. I got lot's of ideas.............just no time! :icon_mrgreen:
  21. Hey Doc, Is that the head off one of your blow up dolls you said you bought ?
  22. Here's the pictures of the hats, pins, and patches that Doc sent me. Bill will get the WSPA STORE in place so you will be able to buy these items on line here at the forum. Again a big THANK YOU to Doc for making this happen. :whoopie:
  23. Thanks Gentlemen for taking on the newsletter task. I am sure you guys will do just fine with that. :icon_mrgreen: Once you have it ready, just send it to me and I will post and pin it to the top of the page. I have to put in our records anyway. Your help is appreciated! As for the meeting, I also think it went fairly well too, but needs refinement. After a couple I am sure it will be fine. From now on I will also do a mass Email to members with a reminder on the day prior to the meeting or maby a couple of reminders. Not everyone comes to our forum every day, so emails may help attendence.
  24. Just took my laptop to neighbors and uses their ISP and got right on, so my ISP is lieing to me that they don't block ports. Headed to wifes office for meetibg right now.
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