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  1. Congrats to new member Gary Henry. Gary is from Kalispell MT. Welcome Gary Your Member Number is #93
  2. Hi Jim, Thank you gentlemen for adding the stake at the 8-pound patch. :icon_mrgreen: We definitely need to put posts on all 4 of the claims at Rich Hill. Maybe Gene can get a party going some time this spring. Thanks again ! :icon_mrgreen:
  3. Thanks Gentlemen for taking on the task at hand. :whoopie: If you could email me the pictures, I would like to add them to our permanent website pictures. Thank You All :icon_mrgreen:
  4. Merton is from Coquille OR. and is a Merchant Marine. Your Member Number is #84
  5. Wes is from Cameron Park, Cal. Your Member Number is #83 Welcome to the WSPA. :icon_mrgreen:
  6. Welcome David Makkos from Sandusky Ohio. Your Member Number is #67
  7. John is from Prescott Arizona. Your Member Number is #65
  8. Ken is from Anchorage Alaska and winters in Chandler, AZ. Your Member Number is #58
  9. Welcome Bill Beddow from Norwalk CA. Your Member Number is #57
  10. Welcome Chuck Anders from San Antonio TX. Your Member Number is #53
  11. Welcome new member Ron Kearney. Ron is from Carson City, NV. and a long time forum member. I had the pleasure to meet Ron at the Rye Patch Outing in November. Your Member Number is #44
  12. Welcome New Member Del Waterbury. I have known Del for a couple years now and he is a forum member and would make a good addition to WSPA. Del is from Pasadena Ca. Your Member Number is #40
  13. Vote for new member Dan Bechtle. Dan is from Silverthorne, Colorado. He is a long time forum member and I have known Dan for about 6 years. Welcome Dan to WSPA Your Member Number is #48
  14. Gentlemen, I wanted to remind any members that we need you to fill out the Claim Usage Records at the top of this page if you use any of the WSPA Claims. It is important for our small miners exemptions. Just a simple explanation of how much time you spent at the claim will help. Thank You :icon_mrgreen:
  15. Thanks Gentlemen for taking on this job. Just keep track and get receipts for your materials and signs and get a bill to JohnB for reimbursments. :icon_mrgreen: Wish I could make it, but just not physically able to do to much yet. :coffeetime:
  16. Hi Blake, Glad you got to go out to do a little beepin. I havent been since November. Been sick for almost 6 weeks and just haven't felt capable of getting out. Hopefully someone will take the initative and form a work party to get some of the claims remarked. Take Care
  17. Hope you had a great Birthday Gary.
  18. Hi Gary, :icon_mrgreen: I guess I assumed that when you said Bill gave you the passwords that he gave you the Website address too. I sent out your membership card and info as soon as I got your address information. http://www.wspainc.com/ Have you got logged on yet?
  19. AS I said, I believe by my calculations that we can take 21 new members. Feel free to fill those spots as I have no knowledge of anyone on the membership list. But again, you will need to check with Bill. The MEMBER LIST on the website is up to date as of today.............. Thanks :icon_mrgreen:
  20. Hi Greg, I would guess we keep John for his.......................his overwhelming knowledge of the universe. :icon_mrgreen:
  21. Congrats JB, Would have given anything to be there. :icon_mrgreen:
  22. Hi Harry, Bill called me about 2 weeks ago and I sent an application by US Mail to your friend that very day, As far as his responding to WSPA I would have no idea. The WSPA mail is all sent to Morristown and if it's something I need to know then I am informed by Bill. In otherwords, the secretary has no idea as to mail/memberships/applications/treasurers reports. You will need to talk to Bill and JohnB on treasurers reports. No monies or mail are sent to the secretary. Any information I know is filtered down. Thanks :icon_mrgreen:
  23. As I don't have access to mail for WSPA I have no clue as to applications ect..... The only request for information I know of came from a friend of Harry's, who was sent membership application the very day Bill called and asked me to send it to him. The WSPA mail does not come to Lake Havasu City where I live. So I can't hardly take responsibility for any of it. As far as I personally know, we don't have a single application for membership, but as I said, they would not be sent to me. :icon_mrgreen: As long as we are on the subject. If anyone needs a membership application for a frien
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