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  1. Hi Mike, I agree with Jim. That's a excellent find and real purty specie! Congrats.....
  2. Hello Bob, Please take time to explore the form and website for old and current information. If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask. :icon_mrgreen:
  3. Hello Chris, Please take time to explore the form and website for old and current information. If you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask. :icon_mrgreen:
  4. The fact you know JohnB will not be held against you.......... Welcome
  5. Hope everything goes ok with the back. I know to well what a bad back is............... :icon_mrgreen:
  6. Del Go to top of page under "MY CONTROLS" / Edit signature/ and enter your WSPA Member number. Thanks
  7. Bob Forney is from Visalia Ca. and a forum member. Welcome to the WSPA Bob. :icon_mrgreen: Your member number is #110
  8. Marsha is from Coquille OR. and a friend of new member Merton Brown. (I think) Your member number is #109
  9. Marstin is the brother of new member Merton Brown. He is from Cods Bay, OR. Youe member number is #108
  10. Welcome Michael Davenport form Kirkland, AZ. Your member number is #107
  11. We are very sad to hear that Norma, George's wife passed away this morning. Our deepest sympathy. May God Bless and comfort you George.
  12. George, Words are impossible to come by with Norma's passing. There is no timetable when God calls us to his side. We can only look back at the wonderful years you had together and rejoice that you will be together again someday and until then know she is in God's Hands. I will pray for God to comfort you George. God Bless
  13. If there is one person within WSPA who thinks I, as an officer and BOD member, would even consider what JohnB said, please say so and you can have my resignation immediately.
  14. to learn more about our family implies we may be related to JohnB. I don't know about you ....but I suggest we change the word family to association ............ :icon_mrgreen:
  15. WORKS FOR ME ! :icon_mrgreen: Have at it !! I think you forgot the free buffet and discount card at any Nevada Cat House. and of course the discount to seniors
  16. I'll comment and put my :twocents: in. :icon_mrgreen: First, we need JohnB to answer any add inquiries. Why, with the Claim Signature Incentive Program, we would need to explain that even as a claim holder they will still be paying dues, or a portion thereof depending on how many claims and family members, and signatures are involved. Unless we are negotating for the claim without the Incentive program involved, as we reserved the right to do in the addition of the Incentive program. JohnB is best suited for this! :bowdown: Because there are an infinate number of situations we could
  17. I think JohnB should lead a committee to get this settled ASAP and just make a decision. Have Fun ! :icon_mrgreen: The only thing I will say is that if you decide to put engraved signs on the claim markers with information on them, you should find out how much the signs are going to cost first. The ones we had up north were donated. Paying to have them made will not be cheap. But whatever. You might consider Federal Mining Claim signs also. As I already have a full time job as secretary......I will leave this to claims directors and committees. :twocents:
  18. Chris (NvChris) is from Sun Valley NV. He is a long time forum member. Welcome to the WSPA. Yor member number is #106
  19. Bobby is from Kirkland, AZ. Welcome to WSPA. Your member number is #100
  20. No John, nobody has to go back and paint over the WSPA on the Bagdad Claim posts. I don't see any issue at all, but we will just do plain white post so we don't offend anyone. :icon_mrgreen:
  21. Gentlemen, So here is what I suggest. Forget putting anything on the posts at all as we don't want to offend anyone with lettering of any kind. Just paint them white and stick them in the ground, I can't believe this will offend the owner, unless they just don't like the color of white. As we get the GPS coordinates, we simply need to put them on the website (as I am doing) on the maps and the members will have all the info necessary to locate them. Nothing could be simpler. Any problems with this? :icon_mrgreen:
  22. Robert is a forum member and a resident of Tucson. Welcome to the WSPA Your Member number is #99
  23. John.............. :icon_mrgreen: I don't see any problems with having the WSPA on the posts. Replacing claim markers and installing them where there are none and doing claim maintenance is part of our lease and a responsibility, not ethics. We can always paint over the WSPA with white paint. But so far, we have found 95% of the claims with no markers at all or poorly marked at best. I can't see how we would scare off potential claim owners from leasing to the WSPA by having identification on the posts. If anything, I see it as being responsible enough to keep them marked properly fo
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