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  1. Hi Neil, I think the nugget turned out pretty good. I like it better after the cleaning, now you can see the gold in it. I wouldn't go any further trying to disolve the quartz, that would ruin it in my opinion. Brian
  2. I hope that you're feeling better soon Bob. May the nurses be easy on the eyes as well as your body!
  3. I hope that you have a quick recovery Grubstake. Besides, it's summer and you have to get out and find more of those amazing nuggets of yours.
  4. As mentionioned by Paseclipse, it's the high volume of air traffic in the area. I had the same problem when I used to go there too.
  5. I didn't expect to look out my window and see snow this morning. After two years of above average temperatures we are finally having a normal year. This is going to make an already impressive snow pack even better, and hopefully we won't have another big fire season. This is one of things that I really like about Montana, the weather always keeps things interesting. Brian
  6. I was checking into it last night, and there are some facts about this story that just don't add up. A pilot reported seeing it hit the ground in SE Adams county, but the security video footage from Boise clearly shows a high altitude explosion. Also, that fireball and explosion are pretty big in the Boise video. My guess is that it exploded somewhere between Walla Walla and Boise. It will be interesting to see if anyone can locate it. Brian
  7. Lots of good info there JW. By the way, what kind of work do you do? Thanks. Brian
  8. Hi El Dorado, I understand your situation and why you closed off your road. Landowners like you are not who are we are talking about here. My problem is with the people blatently blocking access to roads with right of ways. I have run into many major roads on national forest and BLM land that have been blocked off by private land owners with no regard for the law. The fact that these government agencies don't give a darn that this is happening really irks me. My step-dad is a mechanic that occasionally works on BLM equipment. I asked him what they used all of the equipment for, and he said
  9. I whole-heartedly agree with everything being said on this post. Lately I have found a lot of roads blocked off to BLM land up here in Montana too. It's just not right when some rancher decides to deny access to a public road that continues on for miles on public land past his property. All the while he is taking advantage of the public land by free-ranging his cattle on it all summer. Double standards? I'm starting to lose respect for ranchers up here, they are like the Montana Mafia. They own a very large part of our state and they have a huge influence in the state government. Brian
  10. Welcome back Lanny! I'm sure I can speak for everyone here when I say that we are eagerly looking forward to more of your stories. Brian
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