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  1. Great idea and machine work. As a former gunsmith, I still wish I had my lathe and other equipment. Sold it all when I moved from Idaho to Arizona. Let us know how it works in the field. I'm betting pretty darn good results !! John K
  2. Here's wishing you all a Big chunk of good old American Gold this weekend. :icon_mrgreen: Be sure to fly the flag and vote for someone who will honor it Good hunting, John K Momma says no to Obama :rofl2:
  3. The 5 X 10" is the best overall coil to use for gold prospecting. The 6" 18.75 kHz is a killer in the tighter areas such as around plants, shallow, deep washes etc. It just takes more time to cover the ground with the smaller coil. The X-Terra with the 18.75 kHz coils will find small gold with ease. They tend to pick up the smaller stuff that some of the minelab PI's miss. There was an article about someone using the X-70 at Gaines Creek, AK who was making much better finds with the 70 than the PI units. Skill level can make a difference. Be sure to use good headphones and keep your threshold
  4. As a gunsmith, I can tell you that even if a fireproof safe protects the guns etc, they always come out badly rusted from the moisture (steam) created by the water being put on the fire to extinguish it. If your just looking to protect from theft, a good safe properly secured will keep most of the druggies looking for a quick buck from getting your goodies, but a professional will get into them. Home owners insurance or renters insurance along with pictures and receipts from the purchase works well if you get your stuff stolen. False walls work if skillfully done. Good neighbors who watch and
  5. The Black Widows fit really well. They fit tight, but don't feel too tight. They block out wind noise and the response and tones are great. Best phones I've ever used. Good hunting, John K
  6. I too have an X-Terra 70. I found my first gold nugget with it the first time I took it out. The thing I love about the 70 is the versatility. You can go from the gold fields, to coin and relic hunting and then to the beach. The 70 does a great job as an all around detector. For the money, I think it's the best detector on the market. The coils that are available make the hunting easier. The 5" X 10 " 18.75 DD coil is great for finding gold. The 6" 18.75khz DD coil is also a great gold finder and works like magic when searching for coins and jewelry in trashy areas. The 10.5" 7.5khz DD coil ha
  7. I'd tell people to save the extra money and get an X-Terra 70. They work very well for finding gold with the 18.75khz coil. The nice thing about the 70 is that you can use the same machine for coins and relics also. The beach hunting mode works great also. I bought a Minelab SD2100 V-2 for gold hunting. The problem was that I did not get out often enough to the gold fields to make the purchase worth my while, so I sold it and bought the 70 with several coils and still had money left over. The X-Terra lets me do all types of detecting in one package. It's not the ultimate gold machine, but does
  8. Thanks Guys. I've only had the 70 out once and found a small piece of gold attached to a piece of caliche. It was on the ground with the gold side down. I didn't have a lot of time to spend with the detector, so I was interested in others opinions. The Minelab PI unit I had was just too heavy with my less then perfect back. At 2.9 pounds, the X-Terra will allow for longer hunts. Good hunting, John K
  9. I just purchased a new X-Terra 70 with the 5 X 10 18.75 DD coil and the 6" 18.75 DD coil. I had a SD2100 V-2 and sold it because the weight hurt my bad back. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience out in the gold fields with the X-Terra? I'm sure it's not quite as good as the PI units, but hear it still does a pretty fair job. I hunt gold in Arizona. Good Hunting, John K
  10. My friend gave up his claim. It was on banner grade. And you are right. The two he had to shoot were white trash tweekers. No great loss as far as I'm concerned. My friend and I are going to meet up at Quartzsite this next weekend. Hoping for a little color. I'm never come away from Quatrzsite with a lot. But have never been skunked either. We are going to try a new area this week. Wish us luck. John K
  11. I've camped out at Greaterville several times with no problems. I also talked with some folks who live close and go out there 4 wheeling all the time. They said that they have never had a problem out there. That said, I always carry either my Glock 45 or a Ruger 44 mag when I'm out. Better safe than sorry. I have a friend that had a claim outside of Julian,CA.. He and his family were working on their claim on a Memorial Day weekend and two guys in a pick up truck drove within about 200 feet of them and started shooting at them. No warning. One bullet just missed his wife by inches. They picke
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