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  1. It's not as shiney, or lusterous as the pics of peacock ore i've seen online. It also has on the top some organic seeds, or plant material fused into it. Strange
  2. I found these in my backyard with my old cheap radioshack metal detector, the object is very heavy, as if it were made of lead, there is what apears to be, on the bottom a fusion crust? I thought it was dirt, but it isn't, and only appears on the bottom portions, some of the smaller pieces have a green hue, which i think is rust, I dont have a magnet to test on it. here are pics of the top and bottom, the exterior is rock-ish, but the inside is some sort of metal, gold/copper in color, some of it gets silvery when filed or sanded. those two stains on the top are from me, i was eating a sandw
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