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  1. Never had much luck on tailing piles but it is a start, for one thing take a look at the composition of the rocks in the tailings, rounded are river run, blocky chunks are the bottom or bedrock material and this is what you should be interested in, once in a while too you will see blocks of dirt that were chunks of clay that didn't break up going thru the dredge, these should be scanned carefully..Another item I use is a garden tool called a cultivator it has long curved tines and I use it to pull rocks around or break up dirt clods etc most helpful anywhere moving rocks around they are inexpensive..Research will help you too to determine the type of nugget material being found, was it course, shotty, heavy, fine, etc sometimes the Geological reports will say...Good Luck Hunting...Geo

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  2. This is something I am adament about, does it piss me off to pick up others trash, yes without a doubt but I fill in holes carry a garbage bag and remove trash... What is important if folks stop by from Federal Agencies they will see that you have done something and on our claims in Ak that I think is an unspoken blessing............Geo

    I don't mind pissing folks off if you smoke, take your crap with you........

  3. If the price is right and I mean low, go for it, I banged out a lotta gold with my 17000, just keep in mind tho that it will suffer in some of Az.s bad ground just like any VLF, but if it is working properly it will be a good unit to start with.....Good Hunting Geo

    Might be a good idea to take someone with you that knows detectors to peek at it

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