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  1. Personally if I were not in a hurry for a detector like that I would wait until the end of March or so and see whats new....Geo
  2. All information is welcome thanx for posting this up..Geo
  3. WTG Mike, that is a cool find and thanx for sharing it with us...Geo
  4. Sorry to hear that Rick our condolences to you and your family...Geo
  5. My prayers are with you and your family Ron..........Take Care .... Geo
  6. Well Done Chris interesting find....Good Hunting Geo
  7. I'll go along with the majority on this as right now I don't have a lot of time but I think the folks that are in charge right now have done an outstanding job....Geo
  8. Nicely done Chuck hate to admit it I haven't logged into the site for a long time since I am basically an absentee owner, I really appreciate the work done by others to make this club an outstanding adventure for those that can take advantage of the claims, hopefully I can visit some this spring...Well Done All...Thanx again Geo
  9. Kansas City Bruce a very nice Guy...WEll Done again Bruce....Geo
  10. Wow Chuck !! a great edition nicely done...Geo
  11. Nothing left to say Roger but Well Done !!!...Geo
  12. I too would like to thank our members that are doing so much for the rest of us, I only hope I can get an opportunity to hunt down there one of these days...... Geo
  13. Looks almost like contact zone material, thats where I have seen gold in a similar situation.....Glad you had some luck and I did dig a 2' hole myself last fall I had the stock 11"DD on and got a sw3eet signal and at the bottom of the hole there was a flattened aluminum cap, kinda funny tho because it sounded so good, can't be disgusted about that when you are picking stuff at that depths...Good Luck on your next trip...Heading into Moore Creek on the 31st so help set up the camp and maybe get alitle detecting in before the clients show up, then I think I will run over to Central, a couple
  14. Good report, great pictures, and Denny you are in trouble all over the world over that 2 footer :innocent0002: .... Well done guys ...Geo
  15. Take care Bob if we don't get er today we'll get er tomorrow I learned that a long time ago.....Geo
  16. Sounds good to me, if I don't go to Germany I'm up for it...HH...Geo
  17. Dang!!! thought we found all of the pennies ......Geo
  18. Didn't get a chance to pick my stuff up might as well send it to Copper Center address...Thanx Geo
  19. Hi Slim No I looked at Bob's it needs a little work but it did look OK, I have another rig to look at, almost out of Samuri range now anyway LOL It'll be quads soon...... Geo
  20. Finally found a wi fi spot, wow lots of new members to vote on which I did......Heading home day after tomorrow, didn't get a shot at any of ther claims but maybe next year...Geo
  21. Take Care Jason, Thank You for your service to our country Stay Safe...HH..Geo
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