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  1. I have traveled extensively with metal detectors on long distance flites.The best thing you can do is go to Walmart purchase a Bow Case and fit your 4500 in, it will go nicely and you can put other things inside too. This case is virtually indestructable and the airlines if they can will destroy anything..I put padding on one side you can make cutouts to fit the 4500 box...Do not carry your battery for the unit with the detector..Pictured is the Bow case with two underwater units inside for a water hunting trip to Hawaii. Think the Bow case was 20.00 a real bargain..........Good Luck Geo
  2. Thanx Reg for your input, very interesting........Geo
  3. Sorry to hear about Les he was a great guy...Geo
  4. There is a ready made stabilizer in the handle itself, undo the two screws slide the cable thru .....replace the two screws.............Geo
  5. Wow I really appreciate that guys I may just take you up on that deal. Think I will be back in Ak for a while later this winter so I could bring a unit back down in my suitcase will really give this some thought....Geo
  6. Hi Bill it was great chatting with you, sure would like to get back down that way and visit yourself Uncle Ron etc I sure miss coming that way during the winter months.......Geo Blonds are more fun........
  7. Yikes I never anymore give advice to folks.....................Geo
  8. Wow I would love to go, yikes my truck is here in Tn what's stopping me...Well a couple of things all of my gear is in Ak but I guess I could use dowsing rods LOL.........Geo
  9. Yes Steve's Forum is a good one and I know what he is going to be doing :spinnin: ....Geo
  10. Hang In there Jim Easy to say tough to do, my prayers are with you friend .......Geo
  11. Nice hunt in the 40 mi area pulled one nice nugget out of a hillside placer that I have had great luck in the past.. Hadn't been there in a couple of years, new dig holes to let me know that someone else had found it, but after digging everything I finally banged out a nice nugget that had been resting between a couple of rusty nails...A little patience paid off but after not having hunted for so long I was swinging like a wildman, had to get myself calmed down and I did, actually I think I got a little tired... :innocent0002: ........ REady for summer now, C'mon Moore......Geo
  12. Yikes !! Well done, I'm getting the fever...................................................... :innocent0002: .............Geo
  13. Well Done Steve Yikes what a nice chunk of gold..........Geo
  14. Nice looking gold Great Find....Geo
  15. The LST is a great unit and hard to beat there are a lot of complementary coils for the detector also, the other choices have merit also really Idon't think you are going to go wrong whichever you chose........Regards Geo
  16. Yikes Friends hadn't realized I havent posted in a while..I ran around in a fog for a while had to deal with another issue but I am going to be a survivor and believe me I am very happy about that......I bought a Townhouse in Bristol Tn to be near my son and his family I probably won't get to come over this year but will be going back to Ak the 31st of Mar to pay taxes and help my friends stage stuff for the Moore creek adventure this spring. Will be looking forward to that as I plan to spend some time there and will get to chat with some of you that come up to hunt for that elusive Ak Gold.
  17. Nicely Done Harry I am heading home next monday can't do much yet but maybe by the middle of the month I can get out and bang some gold.....Good Hunting...Geo
  18. Thanx for the chance was going to wait until the smoke cleared guess you got inundated LOL........Geo may not ever make it but at least if I ever get in the area I can give it a go
  19. Hang in there Bill we are pulling for you....Geo
  20. Will say prayers for the Ol 29er... Geo
  21. Ya gotta remember that gold is just a parking place, the hot money is in the stock market and these traders jump in and out of gold and in and out of the market as the news or lack of it drives prices if you want to invest in gold be prepared to take some hits now is not the right time as you can see.....Geo
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