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  1. Welcome Chris I have been voting been out of touch for a while and hope I have not missed anyone...HH...Geo
  2. I won't know most of the applicants, but I will vote, think thats only fair...HH...Geo
  3. Dang wish I could have made it maybe next time, in Tn now will slowly work my way towards AZ...Geo
  4. I put a sticky note on my PC and still almost missed it....... :innocent0002: Geo
  5. No problem here......Geo
  6. Roger If Ron Long is able to attend the meeting just give my package to him if not just mail it to him on the monday Thanx Geo
  7. I'm with the majority as I won't be there...Geo
  8. Thanx Roger, what I am kinda worried about is this, we might be gone from here on our trip by the time the stuff is ready to be sent so I may have to have Bill hold it for me if he would. don't know exactly when we are leaving as it all depends on Tax material, which I have not recieved everything yet, and it probably will be the last week this month before we are ready to leave...HH...Geo
  9. Interesting for sure, only been to Nome once in my 37 yrs up here and it was just in passing, I think it would be a great spot to spend the summer... Come to think of it a person I know here has a son that lives there he at one time had a store in Teller and was a part time miner, the son's last name is Hughes and I think his wifes name is Christy.......His Dad was a board member for the telephone Co op here. I landed at the Nome airport coming home from Cape Newenham once and the Dad was there at the airport..HH...Geo
  10. I would say that would be one answer except for the 24K gold plated part, precious metal plating takes an electronic process, just took a look yest at a friends setup, placer gold is not anywhere near that pure, most is closer to 800 fine on the average from most places, some being higher grade.. still thinking...Hh...Geo
  11. Thanx Bill and everyone that is working to make this a great place to hunt, hope I get to go out more then a couple of days a year but thats the price I pay for living so far away, but I am very glad to be associated with a great group. A few I know, some just in passing, but hope I can hunt with some of you folks this spring...HH...Geo
  12. Are these State or Federal mining claims? and are your corners properly marked if so I think BLM has some cops that might be able to help you, might be pretty tough to get any enforcement out there but depending on which type of claim you have thats the agency you will have to approach with the problem...Geo
  13. Great idea, but probably won't be able to get there in time, if I don't take my Lady to Tn. to see the Grandkids first I really will be in Deep Do Do.........Geo
  14. I, myself, who is A$$deep in snow right now is getting excited, it was getting tough for me to find a place to hunt and find someone who had enuff time to get out when I was in the AZ area, I think this will work out for me as now I won't have to worry there will be places for me to bang around... Can't leave until I get my Taxes done and NJ wants to Visit Tn and the Grandkids but sometime towards the end of March I will be in the area and ready to help...HH...Geo
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