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  1. Take the serial number and contact the company, the GPS should be regiostered they might be able to tell you the owners location.... Good Hunting...Geo
  2. Everyones correct about th 8" as far as I am concerned its tops...Geo
  3. Their loss is someone elses gain the 4000 is well worth owning for sure, but I would not own an Infinium after I saw all of the failures related to coil construction, electronic components etc, have had Minelabs from the old GT to the present 4000 and have yet to send one in for any repair...Just my take, I upgrade because I use mine and I want the latest.....Geo
  4. I think too that adjustibility is the name of the game, if you are able to tweak to the point your machine is humming softly you have gained an advantage over the matrix. I can remember many years ago I was thinking of traveling to Aust and at that the Detectorists over there were modifying their A2B.s and Deepseekers with up to 100 turn GB tuners to deal with the bad ground. Never got to use one that was modded like that but there were times that I wished my A2b.s GB stretched a little further, then I would bang the coil and you would have to start all over again. :angry-smiley-010: Was I
  5. Another thing that is happening and I am not sure if theyare getting around that by buying in the U.S. is that hefty GST tax they have that is on top of everything else, thats one of the reasons you see so many foreign license plates at Costco etc near border towns in the Northern reaches of the US... Geo
  6. I'm excited about this one of course, but its the next unit I am looking forward to, there may be a drastic change, at least that is what I am thinking as the Minelab Pulse slides into the Digital realm...Geo
  7. H.B. Flak hope there are many more....Geo
  8. Good for you Bill looking forward to dropping by one day...Geo
  9. Thanx all for the prayers, kind words and support, it is a very difficult time for me right now and I guess that is what I need time to get thru my loss...Geo
  10. Early this AM she left to be with the Lord, Thanx to all for your prayers and concerns.....Geo
  11. Great Idea wish I could show up but too much on my plate right now.....Geo
  12. Moisture in or on the ground really enhances the iron minerals and the alkali you will see this more too when you are hunting in the tall grass and it is wet with dew. Sometimes it is junk inside your coil cover so I don't use them anymore but what some are doing is putting a two part epoxy layer on the coil to keep the wear down..... HH..Geo
  13. Outstanding find !! The 8" mono is a real sharpshooter...Geo
  14. Caps are scary and if you can believe this I have actually found a couple in school yards what a deal just something else not to fool around with......Geo
  15. Thanx for showing John that is an interesting piece...Geo
  16. These connectors are standard microphone parts anyone that sells or repairs Ham or CB radios should have them........Geo
  17. http://s20.photobucket.com/albums/b206/Ala...┬Ąt=ccb954af.pbw ........Geo
  18. Thanx for the life of me zIcouldnt remember was saved on my Desktop...Geo
  19. members finds and claim usage forum dont have password for them.. Thanx Geo
  20. Tell you what, several years ago a friend of mine and I bought a couple of sets of Sony waterproof earbuds, these were the yellow ones can't find them anymore and we used them like that, if you could find something to put them in it would be a little better but we used a clip to hang them off our shirt collars the sound from them was incredible some one wanted mine more then I did so they went away but you will need the right adaptor but you might like the sound from yours ...Geo
  21. Remember the Rechargebles only carry about 1.2v so I would stick with a good grade of Alkalines that carry 1.6, the unit needs around 14v to start out with and there are some good alkalines I used some Panasonic Oxyrides in my F 75 in the UK and hunting about 10 hrs a day for 6.5 days used one set and had plenty left in the other. Those batts are a little spendy but while shopping around I found a bargain. Otherwise I get alkalines from Costco.......Good Hunting Geo
  22. I use and like the 8" also, its a must have coil, there are others but I have not used any...Geo
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