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  1. Had some more luck in the 40 mi. banged out some nice dinks but getting cool ....Yikes it was 26 one morning.........Geo
  2. 3 weeks ago I was seriously cleaning up a small patch I had found on our claims in the 40 mi area, as I moved away from that particular spot I heard an interesting signal, I had discovered that all of the small rusty dozer track shavings gave a sort of warbling tone and the signal moves around a little.....This one was odd and I guess I was a little tired so I left it....Well I did think about it and at a little coffee get together at the local roadhouse I had mentioned this to one of the guys and said when I go back I'm going to dig that one up if I can find the spot again......The following
  3. Nice Gold Great finds for sure....Geo
  4. Banged out a few nice pieces over the summer slowed down now the weather was horrible but I can't fault my luck ..Really liking that 8" mono its a killer for sure...The larger piece is 14 grams didn't weigh anything but there are some nice slugs....Reg those are nice PI noises......... Geo
  5. Ok that's it, fall has come and gone, yikes 30f this morning wonder where the summer went Oh Well did manage to bang out a few nice pieces....Geo
  6. Yikes is all I can think of to say..I'm thinking how hard I worked to bang out the few pieces I have found lately...Wow...Geo
  7. Yikes I did have to turn the furnace on last week in the 40 mi. it was cold, not to warm here either, last nite about 50 and drizzling for a while and i know I couldn't take that heat LOL Geo
  8. Yikes almost left out the best part, had a little fun in the sun LOL..... Lower Jack Wade prospecting....... Geo
  9. Yep 24 hrs of daylite or close to it altho that will be waning soon, the Chisana claim has a bench that was hydrauliced and the bits are driven into the exposed bedrock, perfect GB2 stuff, has rained and flooded a lot this summer and the roads are sloppy at times, yep that was last week in the 40 mi can't know how good it is to come in out of the rain and get warm in the camper has been cool at nite almost had to turn the furnace on LOL.......Geo
  10. Wow I am really liking this 5k with the 8" mono on, those bits sound like garbage can lids Yikes... The smaller pile came from our Jack Wade Claim 5k finds, the larger pile has some GB2 pieces and some of the larger stuff in the pile was found with my 5k with the older 14E mono......The larger piece is 14 grams, it was pretty deep, actually under a layer of clay.......You have no idea how good it is to be out swinging again, my life has really turned around..........Geo
  11. Yikes Yikes Yikes I was scared and I'm way up here in Alaska LOL...Geo
  12. Thanx for the kind words folks I have had the great pleasure of returning a few things and you are correct what a feeling..I have found a few 18k wedding bands in the surf in Hawaii, no I.D. each one is a personal tragedy I would gladly rectify, most have been there for a while but it is sad.... Geo
  13. I agree No salt let him work for it he will be all the better for it, but watch out he may pick your pocket one day LOL...........Geo
  14. Spent the day in a State Park in Va getting ready to head back to Ak soon but decided to visit this park that has a lake and a sandy swimming each banged out quite a few coins in the sand then ventured out in the water after a while a girl came by and asked me if I could help her find her ring well I said OK and about 20 minutes later she was smiling again..Water was pretty murky too but she had some helpers that were willing to go down and check the signals didnt take long...........Geo
  15. HB Bill sorry I missed it have been traveling a little ......I don't have them anymore Hee Hee....Geo
  16. Well Done Shep don't have woodpeckers but have lots of squirrels, they are destructive and don't read the no trespass sign but my scoped 22 is at the ready....Just can't open windows at -50 LOL....Geo
  17. I agree the GB 11 would be my choice and I don't use phones unless you have to...........Geo
  18. WTG Ron Great Hunting........ ....Geo
  19. It is a complete Goat Rope............Geo
  20. Yep Truer words were never spoken, you don't have to be a Rocket scientist to find gold, but you do have to learn a few things and Richard has laid them out nicely..........Geo
  21. Dang Fred Wish I could say I'm going to make it will have to be later in the year tho..Hope you guys and gals have a great time I will be thinking about the adventure.......Geo
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