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  1. I really didn`t know they had colds in AZ
  2. It is sad, another old timer!! Rest in PEACE!!!
  3. You guys are toooooo!!!! much but I don`t think I would advertizeeeee!!!!!!
  4. To much, you have all the answers!!!???:?
  5. Mostly all private property, watch yourself. Might get shot around there at harvest time!
  6. Well now there will be another problem. Read in a magizine how the Audobon will be fighting the fence because of the migration of animals. They will probably find a spreckled frog or some weird animal that the fence would block its migration. Maybe the coyote can`t make it to their breeding grounds. What a mess and people think the government can fix it????
  7. Maybe you should have walked thru there with a pocketful of BB`s with a hole in your pocket. I don`t get mad, I get even!!!!
  8. :confused0013: Well you know the dredgers are not killing the fish. During the hydralicing days the rivers were full of silt AND THEY SURVIVED! Everybody is against the dredgers here and using them as the scape goat. Maybe they should find out who is killing the fish, like fishermen and indians, is that not COMMON SENSE? But who listens to common sense these days. In the mean time here I sit dreaming of dredging.
  9. And Happy New Year You all. Stay out of trouble!
  10. Well you are sounding really busy down there in Brazil!!!! :innocent0009:
  11. Whatever you give a woman, she's going to multiply. If you give her sperm, she'll give you a baby. If you give her a house, she'll give you a home. If you give her groceries, she'll give you a meal. If you give her a smile, she'll give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her. So - if you give her any crap, you will receive a ton of crap.' Love and appreciate all the women in your life ...or else.
  12. P.S.Got Gold Your mom must have been GREAT!!!!! Thanks again!
  13. No, Thank you! even though Johnno beat me. Congrats there Johnno Even if I didn`t get any meatballs! What a way to tear out your Hair and yes it was a bit of fun. Thank You again!
  14. HA! HA! I`m BACK. Good to see your back Johnno Kinda worried about you and your hair. But here it is, I`m sure! I`m over seventy not fifty! :innocent0009:
  15. Good morning to you tooooo Johnno, are you bright and fresh and ready to have some fun [no pulling you hair out transplant might hurt!!!] Oh, by the way Gary Thanks and this is a bit of fun just tuning in once in awhile. :coffeetime: OK, Rock and Roll! I am over seventy neat & Fiesty
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