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  1. Javalina Trommel $800,**** EZ Pickens dry washer Vacuum $600,**** Miller table $100****, Gold wheel $200**** Gold cube $300,**** blue bowl $100, sluice box $100***Highbanker sluice box $100******, pans, Tubs, Classifiers $150*****, New royal shaker classifier $200 ***** Its set up and running so you can see it all works Located in Glendale, .$2000.00 for all OBO https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2427475390677861/
  2. What are you asking for this one,I tried to PM you but would not send
  3. spud

    GPX 5000

    I have a Minelab GPX 5000 for sale, comes with everything from factory Plus the small battery and external speaker, Lamb's cuff, extra shaft for larger coil see pics. This is registered in my name its not one of the fake ones. Asking $2500.00
  4. Thanks, Hopefully, someone can put this to use, I have a new hip and not taking any chances of falling
  5. will you accept PayPal
  6. Minelab SD2000, Super gold search coil, New battery, KossUR30 headphones, Curley cord, Car Charger, Backpack, padded arm cuff. control box cover Works as it should get it over Gold and she beeps Great PI [Pulse induction] detector 600.00
  7. spud

    Grow Tent

    3'x3'x6' grow tent, light, carbon filter, exhaust fan, a total set up perfect for {{{{indoor gardening}}}}} . Paid 800.00 and never used asking $400.00
  8. spud


    SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow Package $350.00 SA Sports Vendetta Crossbow Package comes with hard case, 14 bolts, some broadhead, some practice points, sling, Tenpoint scope, HA sight dialed into 100yards Cocking tool This is the ultimate hunting Crossbow, Check out the reviews String Length: 24" Physical Weight: 8.5 Pounds Length without foot stirrup: 38.5" Width Cocked: 19" Limbs: Compression Fiberglass 200lb 390 FPS
  9. Gary Fisher mountain bike with a 49cc gas motor could be larger cc not sure, it's fast. This one will get you out in the hills and back $350.00
  10. Lapidary rock shop Custom saws no brand names that I could find but they have some good features 16"saw, 10"saw, trim saw,6 wheel cabbing polisher, buffer, drill, lots of misc items, take it all see pics--- moving the entire shop out Everything you need to cut and cab, everything works as it should I just do not have time for all my hobbies contact me for prices
  11. Finders Super Fix audio signal processor for all SD&GP detectors www.finders.com.au for the website also has 7.2-volt battery upgrade $500.00
  12. MineLab GP 3000 like new, comes with, Coil, Koss UR30 headphones, Battery, and harness, wall charger, curly cord Asking 1200.00
  13. I have an SD 2000 one of the first for sale. New battery, new Curley cord, new box cover, new padded arm cuff, 10" super gold search coil, Earbuds and adaptor, Backpack asking $800.00
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