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  1. ANYONE seen or heard from John lately? John please PM me
  2. Just got off phone with Minelab they say they will try to fix but Parts supplies are dwindling. I remmber when 3000 came out and then the 3500 every one said to upgrade threashold was smother and it had a new tracking switch. Ya the threashold was a TINY bit smother and the switch was fun but was it worth the $4000+ price tag????? Hell no not for this user My Extream is still my Favorit machine Now I call minelab only to find out they are planning to discontinue support soon for it, to say I am upset is an understatment. I already felt robbed when I bought the 3500 and refused to buy any
  3. If you or any one else goes up there stay the heck out of and away from the OLD Drift mines there Dangerous!
  4. I live out here in Pahrump The guy who has the Claims up around the Old Jonnie now is a Fairly nice guy If you talk with him I am sure he will let you go out there. Make sure your talking to the owner and not some squatter up there! He does not live or stay up there he lives works and runs a business's here in Pahrump. Most of the Gold is down really deep and he knows the chances of getting much off the surface is slim. Last we had talked he had almost all the claims in that area all he wanted was a report to him any finds and on wich claim it was found. The other guy who had a claim up ther
  5. Fred is right Minelab did decide to stop servicing some older models But I THINK your ok with the SD machines still? Its only been the last few years they stopped making the 2100? I think??? I just looked it up and it looks like you can still buy the 2200 new wich kinda proves how good of a machine it really is they still make it! Unlike the Newer machines wich are getting changes every couple years and previous models are pulled from production. Just me but Boy The Price tag on the newest latest and greatest is a Bit tough to swallow in today's economy especially for a piece of equipment
  6. I have both the GP Extreme and a GP3000 Both are good machines Sorry I have never used the SD2200 although I would love to have both the SD 2100 and the 2200. As far as wich is better the Extreme or the 3000 I like the Extreme better its a little more noisy but the differences are so little it doesnt justify the difference in machines TOO ME other's will surly disagree with me but hey this is America and I am entitled to my opinion aren't I? The SD machines and The Extreme & the GP series are totally diffrent detectors in the way they work. If it was me and I wanted a good detector for wee
  7. Hmm Nevada doesnt require a sticker or reg although I do have a NV title for it. Wonder how I prove no sticker's in my state?
  8. That's just wrong! :tisc-tisc: :angry-smiley-010: :outtahere:
  9. Heylook at that! nice find!!!!! Best i have seen in a long time! :innocent0002: What do you know the OLD machines do find the BIG ones! :icon_mrgreen: Have a good one freind
  10. Belive it or not problem seams to be tide to my haveing multiple monitors messing up my system, found this out just today. Something wrong with my mother board, as it has onboard vidio card go figure just as soon as my warranty runs out :angry-smiley-010: I figure out the problem is the computor it's self.
  11. Hi all Hi Bill Bill I emailed/PM you some time ago (Last year?) about problems I was haveing with forum log in well I am still haveing problems I have to keep loging in to do every thing over and over after the first 4 times its just an anoyance but after about 20 times it kinda gets me upset any thing you can do? I will crawl back under my rock now
  12. I have one only put it on to see if it worked. never used like new $450.00 775 727 1964
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