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  1. chris, I wouldn't count out the oc 49ers club. I know they have a lot of claims in the randsberg area. I have found small nugs detecting and many pickers and flakes dry washing and taking buckets of concentrates home to clean. they have claims all over there. like 7 or more I think. I also know of few that found some nice nuggets on their claims. I haven't ever had any issues with any members or their club. nice outings as well. just a thought for ya. I know this is not the area you questioned but its close to you. john
  2. hey steve, im headed to lacy washington around the first to take my sister home. im bringing my detector and if your near or find out about any areas close. let me know. wouldnt mind doing doing some beeping. john
  3. chris, the reason the goldmiser wont take the membership over the mail is, that its not their club, you may contact the quartzsite metal detecting club for that. the goldmiser is just a prospecting shop. they sign people up and give them the membership stuff as a favor and to draw people into their store. they get no credit or money for doing the favor.so its understandable they dont wanna get involved in all the mail order stuff.im not sure if quarzsite metal detecting club does mail in apps or not. but ya can join easily there at the gold miser and they will even give ya updates and photos of the gold found on the claims.they are really friendly people. also thge claims are all within couple miles apart. ive actually spent couple hours on each in a day no prob.i understand you wanting to plan, but quartzsite isnt that big and the claims are withing easy reach of one another. best to plan your trip,then just check each claim out in few hour, then plan your hunts there. the claims are like across the street from each other.so within minutes, you can jump from one to the other. john
  4. thanks all, ill check out those clubs and see what they have to offer. sorry i got everyone confused. guess my ro didnt show up on the nor ca. john
  5. howdy all, im headed to washington state to get my sis for easter. was wondering if anyone knows any places i could detect on the way up in no ca? someplace not too far out of the way. any areas i could explore with potential. i dont know much about nor ca so im needing some help!im coming from central ca. i dont mind going out of my way as long as its not too far. just looking for a spot for few hours. john
  6. jim, there is a prospecting store right in quartzsite, its called gold miser. they have website as well. he can join there for $20 and will get his map and id right then and there. i was there few weeks ago with pops. we didnt do any good but gold has been found there.i bought dad a new goldbug pro. he loves it. anyways, some claims look like there are some pushes, but found out from the president of the club that they had a deal with blm, there was piles of rock stacked from the construction on the roads. the city or whatever was supposed to level them out and didnt, so as favor for some small pushes on the claims without hassle, they offered to level all the rocks for them.was big hole they spread it out in to fill. but some claims have small pushes. not really good for detecting, as they just dig a trench and pile the dirt, so drywashing would be best for that, but lots of gd areas to try detecting. i just have to spend more time soon. we have access to a trailer to stay at anytime righ across from the goldmiser store. so im planning a trip after i go to washington state to get my sis for easter. id just join at that store when you get there. that way its right away and no waiting for the mailman.they also have nice store, thay take trade ins, got new and used equiptment for sale, nice big gold nugs for sale and pics of all the gold found in the claims. they will even give you info on the claims and where to try first.as far as camping, right across the street off dome rock road on the south side, he will see plenty campers in big open areas. thats where most park, the club also has a claim there as well.matter of fact, i asked about info on the area in one of thge forums, might been robs, or here, maybe chris forum and few had posted maps and areas to try. john
  7. chrissman, you may attend one free outing prior to joining the oc49ers. the have their outings scheduled on their website. if ya cant find it, steve reid will assist you. im a member and love the areas they have. there are like 7 claims all within about 20 min apart or so.some back to back to give larger areas. im always out there as much as i can go. i found my first 2 dinks on one of their claims. there are alot of clubs with claims all over out there.its easier to save and join as many as you can, it increases your chances, gives you more areas, you make more friends. all the guys in the clubs are very friendly, helpful and all the areas have produced very good gold. its there, just have to get out and cover some ground. mr. jim straight is the master of the rands district. i highly recommend you get his book "three hours to gold" at the general store in randsburg. he donates it to the charity there and you get a very well written peice of knowledge on the rands area. hell, get all the books you can find he writes, they all help and are very useful. the main thing is research, and get out. you never said where your from or how often you can get out. we can meet sometime and you can go as my guest for a day, check out some claims and see if they have what you like. truth is ,all the clubs have good claims in alot good areas. im joing few more as well. my first trip out to randsburg i ran into a club memebr, i was swinging a mxt, didnt find a lick. right in the same wash i was detecting, that guy took a gmt and went right up behind me, he was a little intoxicated, enjoying his buzz, lol. well about 20 min later he was a hollering. i ran over and he had a nice 3/4oz nugget he just pulled out. i left and came back a week later and the guy was still there. he almost was dead, he was so happy, he ran to that gas station next to joannesburg, grabbed all the beer he could afford, forgot gas and food. got drunk and woke up out of gas and beer and everything. luckily i had some water,sandwhiches, and 10 bucks to give him to go home. he must have lost 50lbs.he was so dried up from the heat in the summer ,that he didnt even recognize me and all he could do was show me that nug,couldnt understand a thing he said, throat was dry as could get,no voice lol. anyways, i probably saved his life and family lol. john
  8. there are alot of clubs throughout randsburg, im a member of the oc 49ers. they have like 7 claims within 20 min aprt. gd claims. i found my first 2 in the goler area. one after the other. i hunt these areas all the time. ill look ya up if i make out there that weekend. you can take a ride with me as my guest, if ya like the areas,join the club.there are alot of clubs and most of the rands areas,especially around goler gulch, which is in the el paso mountains is pretty claimed up by clubs. might be few spots not claimed. get jim straights book at the general store in randsburg. its called "three hours to gold". its all about the rands district. mr jim straight is the best for his knowledge on this area. another good knowledgable fella is sandtrap. he or others will chime in soon. they have been very good at helping me. just from listening to them some, i got my first with another right after.just think if i knew all they did, id have already found the biggest nugget in the world lol.i was swinging wild til i learned from the pros.shoot me a pm and let me know where exactly your gonna be before you go. ive got a jeep and dont mind ya hangin out.im no pro,but im learning.if my jeep cant make it somewhere, we will drag it in there lol.there are alot of gd areas out there. way too much for me to cover lool. but hey imma give it a hell of a try lol. john
  9. well, ill tell ya what!!! you can fly on over here and pick me up.i need a job anyways,much rather work in the gold industry than painting homes.lol.thats some nice gold.anyways gd luck on your adventure,looks like research and all has paid off.id be back their asap.might be a glory hole there. john
  10. i just was in quartzsite today passing through. i took dome rock rd and went in on the south side. there was lots of rvs there , didnt see anyone prospecting. i drove my minivan up in between the canyons as far as i could go. didnt look like anyone ever even worked the washes. i tested my new gpx 5000 and got like 3 lead bullets in an hr. not alot of trash. no nuggets. was i in the right area. just was passing through and saw this post so thought id try for hour. john
  11. ill guess at 140, i didnt count cause i cant get the marker off my screen either lol.some of those peices look like 2 03 but then look like just 1. very confusing and nice quiz. john
  12. thats cool skip. pretty neat when ya can just spot them like that. i bet you keep them eyes wondering and looking all the time now lolo. neat story and awesome find.thanks for sharing. john
  13. slim, thats just out right funny, im sorry but it is. stories like that are worth their weight in gold. its what keeps us active, happy, smiling and remembering. great story. thanks for sharing. i will find my first nugget soon. im givin it heck, listening to all the tips i get. reading, doing some research and making awesome friends along the way. so i know it will come. ive got a good machine, still learning it, but im working on it and reading everyday.it wont be long, my story will be right here with the rest.thanks all for posting. hope to keep hearing. if ya just wanna share about a certain nugget or story like slims, jump in herte. it doesnt have to be your first, but just some special nugget, a certain one that still brings a memory. john
  14. thnks micro and gripper. very interesting storys. its neat how every one is different but has same endings. finding some gold, loving the hunt, an leaving happy. john
  15. wow denny, thats awesome for a first find. and jerry, thanks for sharing. i love hearing stories about gold. im so stoked to find my first. hope i need a winch to get it out, even if its just a speck, im gonna hook it to the winch lol. anyways great finds and storys guys. thanks for breaking the ice. hopefully before you know it we will have 10 pages to read hear.im gonna head out tomorrow and find that hill denny lol. supposed to be sunny tomorrow til fri. watch it pour now that it was supposed to rain today but didnt lol. john
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