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  1. I have completed another round of testing for the magazine and some detecting for me. The GM-1000 is working great, finding gold and hot or cold stones are diminished if not outright ignored. If I play the " I don't wanna dig no more" game I can miss something or get it to hear something that it would otherwise pass on but in regular hunting, it is killing it.
  2. Rick, I've had the MG for years and have used it just about everywhere. I like it for processing first run classified cons and I recirc almost all of the time including when I am using it in the recovery shed. (ok tent right now) It does take a little bit of a learning curve to get the best out of it but not too bad. It is not what I would use for serious production by any means just a great piece of equipment that does a great job. I have mine set up to drop from the helix to the Desert Fox. two step recovery in a large black tub and a few gallons of water. For sitting around a ru
  3. Bill, You know me better than that. I tested in shallow-Deep-Auto 1- Auto 2- manual- coil on and off ground, different swing speeds, standing on one leg, over the shoulder and so on. I was able to completely lose the targets a couple of times doing things that no one would ever do just to see if I could. I could create a couple of scenarios where I will admit that a true newbie, most likely would have missed the 1.5 on the first pass but caught it on the overlap. And I will add that I tested in made up soils not the Aussie Red.
  4. So after watching this video, I went out and dug a couple of holes dropped in some iron sands and hot rocks along with a 1.5 gram and a 10gram at the same depths and got the same results, then I remembered to turn the detector on. I tried everything they did and could not replicate their results. No matter what I did (even swinging the coil faster) I heard both targets with no issues. Kept digging on the 10 grammer until I was about 9 inches before I lost it as a grreat continuous signal. even though I would dig it no matter what as a repeatable.
  5. I am going to try to rearrange my schedule to make this trip. I have not been down there raking piles in a few years and have refused to go down there do to issues that could arise with just a couple of people hunting.
  6. Most people do not know Roy, he has kept very quiet over the few years he has been detecting. He is the most trusted hunting partner I have ever had, never has he ever let slip anything we have worked on or even talked about.
  7. Thanks to all of you for the welcome. Hope to see all of you soon.
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