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  1. Still for sale. Dropped to $150 shipped.
  2. I bought this new last year from Rob's Detector Sales but after using it a few times I prefer my 11" round coil. Asking $165 shipped via Priority Mail to anywhere in the continental US. I can do Chase Quick Pay if you have an account with a bank that uses Zelle as a pay service. My wife has a Vinmo and PayPal account that I can also use. Ray
  3. Took a while for me to find this picture. My wife took it with a film camera the day I found it in 2002 and apparently she did not get the focus right. Anyhoo, the nugget is 26 grams of Mojave desert tertiary river gold. The old timers dug a vertical shaft down to bedrock and this one got missed when they processed their material. A modern dry washer came along and let it roll off his grizzly and then he failed to detect his tailings before leaving. It was only a couple inches deep and believe it or not I found it with a $99 Radio Shack detector.
  4. Nice! That's about the size of the nugget just found by the fella who recently bought my Nokta Gold Finder.
  5. I've also heard Rattlesnake Canyon was a good place to go. I've been out there a few times when I used to live in Banning but didn't find anything. More than likely I was not hitting the right spots as I ventured out there alone not knowing the area. Edit: Yikes, I guess I should look at the post dates before responding! lol
  6. oops, I take back what I said about the pads. Don't know how the one side got damaged but I just noticed just now. Again, they are yours if you want them.
  7. For years all I used in the desert were Black Widow headphones. Love them! Of course now that I am up in the Sierras I use the Rattlers so I can keep aware of bears and cats with the other ear. Anyhoo, I have a dead pair of Black Widow headphones you can have for free if you want them. I don't know what's wrong with them other than the broken toggle switch, but if you have any electronic skills I am sure you can bring them back to life. The pads are only a few years old so they still feel good on the ears. However, when they stopped working I cut the cord to use them as ear muffs at the shooting range (works great by the way!) PM me your address and I'll ship them out to you sometime this week..
  8. If my 2014 GPAA mining guide is still correct you can go out to the ADK claim in Goler Gulch. That will put you smack dab in the middle of a pretty good gold area. It's where I found my largest nugget which weighed nearly an ounce. I have found several nice smaller nuggets in the surrounding area since then with different VLF machines. However, I haven't been back out there in about 10 years so I'm sure it's been hit hard with PI machines by now. Still, you never know. Also, there's the stringer district on the other side of the valley near Randsburg. Really cool area, but keep an eye out for claim markers.
  9. I have a lot of great non-nugget finds but this is just one of my favorites. A 1941 Australian silver Florin found in Redding with my Minelab Safari which is going on 11 years old and still finding me stuff. The Walker is just for size comparison, but I found that with the Safari too. Ray
  10. Actually, let me cancel this request...I just said heck with it and ordered a brand new Joey mono coil!
  11. Hi folks, I just picked up nice SD 2200v2 the other day and it came with the 11 inch stock coil. I’m looking to add a smaller coil like the ML 8 inch Commander, or Joey 10x5, or NF 9x5. If you happen to have one that you would like to sell and it’s in good used condition, please let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Thanks!
  12. Whoa, that is a beauty! Nice find!
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