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  1. My boy Spike back in his prime. Actually, he was about 9 years old in this pic. He's now 16 years old, half blind and half deaf, and his hips are slowly giving out.
  2. The wife and I decided to spend Christmas in Pacific Grove, perfect spot for a little rock fishing near Lover's Point. Using a mussel I scavenged off the rocks my first catch was a nearly 13" striped perch. Next was a big, fat beautiful 15.5" blue Cabazon off squid, one of the fish species I was hoping to catch while there. Most blue Cabazons are female but this was a male. Next time I hope to get a lingcod.
  3. Bottom fishing with live sardines. All morning we were catching nothing but small sharks and then the tide changed, and then it was 20 minutes of White Sea bass fury! The captain told us this was the first time in nearly a century that the sea bass came into the bay.
  4. Thought I would share a pic of the Sea Bass we caught last October in SF Bay. I wanted to go for Halibut but the captain said they were already starting to head out to the ocean and instead recommended we go for Sea Bass. Glad we took his recommendation! Mine is the one on the right, 43" long.
  5. Very cool to watch all those little pieces getting dug up. I want to get out so bad but can’t because of snow on the ground. Makes me miss living in so. Cal and having year round access to the desert gold fields.
  6. PM me your phone number and I'll call you tomorrow.
  7. Hey folks, This is my second Taurus 605 .357 Magnum but this one is brand new, never fired. I'll throw in a box of 20 Hornady Critical Defense .38+P rounds, a Hogue extended grip, a Lee three die set, and about a bit more than half of a box of Hornady XTP hollow point bullets. All you need left for reloading is powder, casings, and primers. Because this gun weighs in at 24oz. the recoil on .357 loads is very manageable even with one hand (and I'm a small guy!). Great back up gun for the woods or for the wifey around the house. I'm asking $350 firm. I would prefer a local sale and lo
  8. I guess I should frequent this forum more often. I know this news is over a year old but it's new to me as I haven't been on here in a while. I had the pleasure once of meeting Jim near Randsburg for a few hours of detecting one Saturday back in the mid 2000s. I think he sat me down about three different times not just to rest but to also fill my head with the geology and history of that area. He sure had a lot of information in that head of his, and he wasn't stingy in the least about sharing any of it. RIP Jim.
  9. I love my G29...now that I've modified it a little. I added a Lone Wolf ported barrel, as well as an extended slide lock and slide release from the Glock store. I also shaved under the trigger guard to save my knuckle. It's my woods gun for when I go detecting. I shot a 44 mag once and really didn't like it (maybe it was the gun and not so much the caliber), but the recoil on the Glock 29 is so much more manageable.
  10. Hey folks, I still have this coil for sale. Almost forgot all about it. $140 or I'd be willing to trade for a 6" or 8" round coil for my SD.
  11. Still for sale. Dropped to $150 shipped.
  12. I bought this new last year from Rob's Detector Sales but after using it a few times I prefer my 11" round coil. Asking $165 shipped via Priority Mail to anywhere in the continental US. I can do Chase Quick Pay if you have an account with a bank that uses Zelle as a pay service. My wife has a Vinmo and PayPal account that I can also use. Ray
  13. Took a while for me to find this picture. My wife took it with a film camera the day I found it in 2002 and apparently she did not get the focus right. Anyhoo, the nugget is 26 grams of Mojave desert tertiary river gold. The old timers dug a vertical shaft down to bedrock and this one got missed when they processed their material. A modern dry washer came along and let it roll off his grizzly and then he failed to detect his tailings before leaving. It was only a couple inches deep and believe it or not I found it with a $99 Radio Shack detector.
  14. Nice! That's about the size of the nugget just found by the fella who recently bought my Nokta Gold Finder.
  15. I've also heard Rattlesnake Canyon was a good place to go. I've been out there a few times when I used to live in Banning but didn't find anything. More than likely I was not hitting the right spots as I ventured out there alone not knowing the area. Edit: Yikes, I guess I should look at the post dates before responding! lol
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