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  1. I just saw this on the K J Magnetics website http://www.kjmagnetics.com/blog.asp?p=shipping Looks like the FAA has regs regarding magnets but they should have left some paperwork if your magnet was removed from you luggage. mick
  2. Sorry to hear about the theft. I'd turn it in and file a claim. In the meantime K&J magnetics is good to deal with. http://www.kjmagnetics.com/ mick
  3. Great Story Flak, Sorry to hear of Bob's passing. I had some good adventures with Bob. Bob was a great story teller and had a real knack for putting a smile on your face and making you laugh. I learned much about the Dale area from him and really enjoyed the time we spent prospecting together. And if that wasn't enough, the man made a dang good bowl of Chili Verde. R.I.P. Amigo mick
  4. I spent about 4 months detecting. My dad was an avid rock hound and always had a fascination for gold and found some fine placer gold in his day. He encouraged me to get a detector and do some nugget shooting. He was in poor health and during those months and I worked my ass off trying to find that first nugget. It never came before he passed. After the funeral, I made a trip out with Joeforthegold and goldmanmike and wouldn't you know I heard the warm sound of a target. I dug a small 2 grammer from the dirt. That's a very special nugget to me... mick
  5. Nice nuggets. Your hand sure is clean for a guy that's been digging in the dirt Nice score mick
  6. > Huh? So after I messed around with it I see that you are trying to say. First you need to register. Once you register it takes approval to be able to post. you can gain temporary access with the password goldrock Is the correct?
  7. Well said Flak. Great picture of RD! Congrats to all on a successful outing. mick
  8. I called my friend at Fish On! Fly and Tackle in Butte and he said it was snowing. I was trying to get a feel for the water level I was leaving on June 21st now I think I'll wait a week and leave on June 28th. mick
  9. How many times have you come upon a mine shaft or a vent shaft and wondered how deep it was? I hear some of those are a thousand feet deep. So let's say for the sake of conversation that it was 1000 feet deep. If you assume the terminal velocity of a 175 pound tweeker (in a head down position) is 120 mph, how many seconds would it take to hit bottom? I never was really good at math...but I can work a stopwatch. mick
  10. Good on you for taking care of the family. I've been in education for 28 years and I've seen some really squared kids that were raised by their grandparents. It's the right thing to do. It's not the easy thing, but it's the right thing. Perhaps you would a couple of us to take the boyfriend prospecting... mick
  11. Very sad news. Those are some great pictures you all have posted and some even better memories. I remember that day, Joe. It was you and I and RD. I feel lucky to have been there to sit down at Area 51 and here the story first hand. I feel even more fortunate to have known him. Rest in piece my friend. You will be missed. mick
  12. Its near the Virgin Islands...
  13. John is right its a great show. If you have seen it, you should try to make the trip. I'll be down on Feb 9-13. Can't wait!!! mick
  14. Rex, thank you very much. You can send them full size and I'll cut them down is size. Thanks for the contribution. mick
  15. Thank you guys. I will size them myself. I have an 11 meg attachment limit so if they are really huge then send them in several emails. They don't need to have gold, just something to do with prospecting or the areas we hunt for gold in. I have designed this section of the page so we can change the photos periodically. So don't be afraid to send me stuff at any time. I will just archive it and use it as we need it. I am not a great photographer and I know many of you are much better at this then I am. Plus it would be nice to have a variety of pictures from all over the Western States we occupy. thanks again. mick mike.coy@sduhsd.net
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