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  1. Hunted about 8 hours on this claim and no gold found... --Jim--
  2. Hunted Ample #1 & #3 for about 16 hours total. No gold found... Also hunted West and Northwest of Ample #1 for 10 hours and no gold found... --Jim--
  3. Camped on this claim for 4 days and hunted actual claim for 12 hours.. No gold found.. --Jim--
  4. Spent 4 hours detecting on this claim. No gold found... --Jim--
  5. Welcome aboard Steve, Tom and I are looking forward to visiting your area whenever the snow finally clears out. Will be out looking here in N. Nevada when the weather breaks, so give either of us a call or email if you decide to hunt in our area this year.. My email: sabraj@charter.net Regards, --Jim French--
  6. Hi John and all, Over 13 grand is a good chunk of change and after the 1st of the year a goodly sum should be added to it! Thanks for the update... Probably no one remembers, but the subject was brought up about attempting to get some decent interest out of our membership $$ at the Nevada meet, which would pay for a lot of 4x4 posts etc. instead of coming directly out of the members pockets from payment of dues... (if dues is the correct terminolgy) Might be something we could discuss on this forum.. Regards, Jim F.
  7. Hi All, If the WSPA members that come to Nevada next year want Tom, Chris and I to work on a place that would be suitable for scraping, I'm sure something could be worked out by then.. Near surface gold has been hit hard in Nevada by detectorists from the surrounding states (as well as Nevadans) on a constant basis, as many of you discovered during our get together this last month, so some decent Cat work seems like a good idea in known patch areas where Newmont has the rights to... Chris, I think Tom has the phone number you were wanting, at least one of them... Anyway, the above would have to be voted on by the membership I'm sure, before continueing further... Regards, Jim F.
  8. Hi All, First, I would like to convey my sincerest appreciation to the dedicated Southern AZ WSPA members who are working together to find claims for our Association.. Your posting agenda items that you-all covered will certainly be of help to members in other areas who may want to "get-together" and prospect for future WSPA claims.. The above, is exactly why I posted sometime ago about having at least 2-3 members in different areas of AZ (and why not Calif.) on seperate claims committees to help out with the organizing of prospecting trips in their respective areas to find new claims for all to use... Say we just have two persons from each area who are willing to share their knowledge of what to look for in a potential claim area and will also take the time to teach others how to use LR2000, BLM maps, geologic maps, etc.. I will guarantee our claim acreage would more than double by the end of this coming spring! Here's an example of teamwork among members: A couple months ago Rex B. sent Tom and I some coordinates of areas he had researched here in Nevada from his home in Utah.. Tom and I found one that tied in with a known patch (not worked out yet) because of heavy brush, that we will present to Denny and members at our Sept. meet in Rye Patch, NV.. Who would I or Denny (for instance) send coordinates to be checked out in the Kingman area, if there weren't any claims committee folks within 100+ miles? How about Gold Basin? How about Redding, CA where some guys are killing the nuggets: Sure, most is private land, but maybe one of our members may know someone who will give us permission to hunt.. One or 2 folks cannot prospect it all.. We have 99 dues paying members at last count.. Jeez, how many claims would we end up with, if even 3-6 of us got together in our respective areas and did some prospecting? How about our folks from East of the Rockies? When you have come to the S.W. to nugget hunt, has anyone shown you where he/she found a nugget or you might have found one but didn't have the time to fully prospect the area and by checking LR2000 along with Topo Zone/Terra Client maps, etc. you are able to find that those areas are not claimed at this time.. Instead of loading Denny up, my suggestion would be to send your research to the claims committee members in that area and if it looks good, they then will notify Denny and another claim for the WSPA comes on line... Does any of the above make sense? I'm sure some refining is necessary, but (to me) there is no excuse not having over 10,000 acreas of Association claims by next summer. Nevada counties are now charging $1 per acre on new claims.. When will that happen in AZ,CA,ID.OR, etc.? Is there a guarantee it won't for several years? Lots of hard work and sacrifice for one year, but boy, will we be able to enjoy the fruits of our labors down the line.... :icon1: Cheers to all, Jim F.
  9. Hi Art, Hope you see this post... Would you please email me at: sabraj@charter.net Thanks, - Jim French - Dayton, Nevada
  10. Hi Slim. Thanks for the additional report on Ample Gold #2 & #3 in the claim usuage reports... It looks (to me) that there will be a lot of new stakes to install on our Nevada claims during our Sept. meet... The ol' Goldbug is hard to beat in some of our gold areas... I remember little Bill telling me that when he and Okie Jim and another guy, first hit that wash, (which is now Okie's wife's property) the first nugget was at 3 oz and then 2+, 1+'s, etc just kept coming.. I believe they were all using Goldbug's.. :;): Cheers, --Jim--
  11. Hi Slim, Thanks for the informative report and was pleased to hear that the old Cottonwood tree still stands... :icon1: Several years ago when "little Bill" was camping on Okie Jim's property, he gave Tom and I permission to drive thru and use the road that leads to upper Central Creek (Central canyon on the map) and prospect for gold in the creek, if we wanted too, since I had told him I had a 2 &1/2 dredge at home. He assured us that gold had been panned out of the creek in the past, which I thought was kind of neat.. Since Tom & I wanted to explore more of the Eugene's at that time for nugget hunting, we never took Bill up on his kind offer.. Now that we have Ample #3, a person may get to the creek from there, for some gold panning or sluiceing etc.. Did you notice if the creek still had water flowing in it, Slim.. That's the one beside the Cottonwood tree... Lottsa Luck: Sure hope you can come to the meet, I would like to have your opinion on dredging in Central Creek.. The Creek flows thru the Keystone mine area and I've always thought it could hold some good gold... :unsure: Will be heading that way when it starts to cool... Cheers, --Jim F.--
  12. Hi Chris and All, Excellent idea about camping just outside the park, which gives folks that want hookups, Pizza's, :icon1: etc. a choice also.. That puts us fairly close to two of our new claims and gives easy access back to I-80 without having to drive 12 or so miles on dirt roads back to the Hwy,with lots of Alkali stretchs and potholes at that time of the year... Not fun!! Tom and I will have 2-3 potential claims to present at that time and hopefully there will be enough members to help in the staking, running to the appropiate courthouses to file etc.. These will be WSPA claims and there should be enough members present for signatures, addresses etc.. on the claim forms.. One will be approx. 80 acres and the other could be as much as 160 to 200 acres. Anyway, this will give members a chance to look at the areas and decide what they want to do... Roger has suggested to me that we should start out with WSPA #1, WSPA #2, etc. when naming our own club claims, which I think is a great idea.. The reason I'm bringing this up now, is we have to have claim stakes, metal tags, etc. etc. made up before the Sept. meet and a lot of them.. Figure at least 5 stakes for each claim PLUS new stakes to replace unlocated, or fire damaged ones on our current claims... With the amount of members at the meet, installing stakes, etc. should go quite fast, enabling all of us have time for nugget hunting.. :icon1: --Jim French--
  13. Hi Slim. , After crossing over the bridge at Mill City, just stay on the (potholed) asphalt road to Tungsten.. There is (maybe not anymore) :;): a caretakers house that you will drive past, then the road will kind of angle towards where you want to go, which is the Keystone Mine area... That part of the road is dirt/gravel.. Actually, the entire road isn't that bad because it gets maintained every once in a while.. I wouldn't try any short cuts because those roads aren't that good and lots of alkali stretches.. Trust me, I've tried them all and wish I hadn't every time.. :innocent0009: Ryepatch Res. has Walleye, including some big ones and I think Catfish. I know the Humboldt river itself has quite a few Catfish.. I'll be heading for the above area when the weather cools and I really hope Chris R. has the fire edge nailed, because I would feel very bad if the old Cottonwood tree has burned down... :wah2: I've spent many a day in its shade... Cheers, --Jim F.--
  14. Hi Chris and All, Thanks for the "heads up" on the new NV claim, I guess it will be posted in a few days.. I sent you an email yesterday.. Hope I got everything right.. Please let me know... There are some places near Ione where shallow gold (much) was found, but my research showed those areas claimed up.. Jeez, I hope one of those areas is where our new claim is... :icon1: Spent a lot of time in the Gabbs area.. Ol' Gus (oldtimer) showed me, as well as told me, many things about the area.. In 1999 he and his buddy (also old) went to an area NE of Gabbs for a day trip out of Hawthorne, NV where we both lived and Gus found a Walnut size "birdnest" of silver wire (electrum?) laying at the edge of a shallow (about 5') pit. Interesting country out that way... :winking0011: --Jim F.--
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