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  1. I have a Keene Puffer and it works well. My wife likes it a lot, because she can hear herself talk
  2. Go to the PLP website to view the documents http://www.plp2.org/forum/showthread.php?t=541
  3. Although the Oatman Burros are very interesting, way back I was traveling up Pacific Coast Highway to Hearsts Castle.. And I saw a Zebra, did a double take. Then my wife saw it. An odd thing I saw by Oatman, was Miner Annie. I was driving by (125 degrees) and I saw a old woman in a yellow raincoat around 2-300 yards of the road digging in a hole, I later found out that she was well known in the area, and always eat, drank and roomed for free when in Laughlin. She was a local legend prospector.
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