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  1. you need a program to convert video to mpg. WMV, AVI and a few others so that the sounds is loaded with video, you can use movie maker program its on a lot of computers these days you can convert it in there, there are other programs also, http://support.google.com/youtube/bin/static.py?hl=en&guide=1728585&page=guide.cs
  2. Nice gold chuck, glad to see you guys are still getting good gold up there, gotta get with chris one of these days and come visit I just got a Quad to ride around up there and metal detect around.
  3. the New 49rs caused the problem in the first place... let them fix it. HOW SO EL DORADO?
  4. LMAO Zachary disease OH MAN!!!
  5. And the bottom piece looks like something holding a baby? just first glance. A very active member at my gym died last week he was 38 , in his sleep also I NEVER would have thought a guy in the great a shape as he was in would have gone that way but it happens. Hang in there and when you go out prospecting do it in his memory, just never know he might bring you some luck from the heavens Frank.
  6. Robert left with a real good friend and that was you Frank, I am truly sorry I know his family and you are all in sorrow for the loss of a wonderful good man, very sad when we have to go so soon.
  7. Happy Birthday you old nugget finder
  8. Cleanup tomorrow we'll try and leave you a few grains :icon_mrgreen: :icon_mrgreen:
  9. Holy mudderlode dats a nice one Chris good work :bowdown:
  10. I always hope i'll find a pocket area that got missed but HOSER JOHN got it all when he was living here :grrr01: But i'll keep looking anyhow keeps me out of trouble and away from the old lady :woohoo:
  11. Love hearing this kinda story I have a vein i'm waiting to work on that I found while dredging definetly micro gold in some of the oxidized quartz and not a lot of it but there just might be a pocket , waiting for the creek to completely dry up then jack hammer time. Great story and some beautiful gold finds, memorable i'm sure lucky to have a friend like him the share that with you .
  12. Thats just GOT to be virgin ground you have I haven't heard story like that other then what i have read in gold rush storys. PS you best keep this under your hat better and secure the area your going to have claim jumpers.....
  13. IT was close to 100 yesterday here in sunny california, I prefer the cold but not that danged cold Allen :Huh_anim]:
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