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  1. No recluse seen around here, but do get black widows. Something I've done in my garage that seems to work- close all the windows and doors, put a 1/2 gallon of gas in riding lawn mower, start in the evening and let it run out of gas. Next day, hold my breathe and open big garage door and windows and air out. Will find dead black widows hanging in their webs. If I see any spiders in toyhauler before winter trips to AZ, might put generator out there and do the same.
  2. Might have to dump the pounder if it does.
  3. Tom, it was a pleasure meeting you Sir! Good luck in your travels!

    1. River Styx

      River Styx

      Ty Sir, the pleasure was all mine and I will always keep this nugget. 

    2. River Styx
  4. JFYI, anyone with a Minelab modified detector with a problem. Always told Minelab wouldn’t service a modified unit. Last month my Woody modded 4500 started having problems with a failing function switch. I contacted Detector Center in PA (814.283.4270) or Service@minelabamericas.com and got a RMA#. Sent it off last Wednesday. They called this morning, they replaced both switches as other one was a bit slow. 2 switches and ½ hour labor paid and it’s in return mail. Does not get any better than that!
  5. Have a slightly used 20” Nugget Finder coil w/ shaft for sale. Works fine, have a modded 4500 w/ 12” Evo coil and don’t want to dig any deeper than that! First $325. Will be in Q AZ next week
  6. That's what I thought Clay. Earlier saw his post, he's going to Middle Camp.
  7. I carry extra power cords, backup batteries, the tire repair kit w/ CO2 cartridges, one of those lightweight silver looking space blankets, matches, and war surplus energy bar (heavy like the pound cake in C rations). Small hammer to break my watch if I think I'll miss happy hour (don't need the additional stress)
  8. Glad it wasn't deeper and/or longer; almost looks like a baby's butt
  9. Got wife in good mood; will celelbrate her BD before or after, will be there
  10. Billie, there's a lady that comes to our (your) functions, one with the tent, son came with her last spring. Might connect these two ladies. Gett'n old, can't remember names like I used to.
  11. Well, I'm gonna plan on March 8th to 19th. Maybe it'll fit into Bill's plan-
  12. Dates? Good time for a Family Reunion!
  13. Just think what you would of found with the Gold Monster! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Shep
  14. signing in for me and Patrick. Beat him to it!
  15. Happy Birthday ol one !


    1. devilishjim


      Thanks Shep it wasnt easy getting here a lot of the roads werent paved in my younger years

  16. Ok, a question to those who are using the Gold Monster (Patrick you can sit this one out for a bit). I love my 4500, but looking for a good backup. I had a 2300 and hated it. Was suppose to buy an Amp to hear and then there were a couple of other issues. I just did not like it. Too many people like it so it’s probably me. Want no BS here; some people like motorhomes and I like trailers. Seems there are issue with the shaft, okay. Liken some of the reviews I’m reading. Guess, I’m picky. Have a Gold Bug Pro, just not caring for, so probably give to my daughter when she comes out. No one gets my goldbug2 or 4500. If’n yer a bit of hard hearing, can you hear targets w/o headphones? I’m like Bill, I like my Koss, but sometimes too hot. How really is discrimination? Thanks, Shep
  17. To hell with the detector, what are you using for a camera. Great close up!
  18. Appreciate all the responses. Guess someone wants me on this earth for abit longer for whatever reason. Let's give Rodger all our prayers and thoughts now!
  19. Didn't really need to all get out, but I'm okay. Headed for Q, left home about 9:30 Wednesday evening (left early cause stomach was junk and couldn’t sleep). Drove about 8 hours, got tired so I stopped a rest stop and napped for about 2 ½ hours. Got something to eat and drink and took off. ½ hour later, about 44 miles west of Needles got sleepy again. Was going to fuel up in Needles and nap again. Didn’t make it, fell asleep, woke up going off road into the center divider on I-40.at 61mph (cruise control was set). Went 30-40 yards till I hit one of those cross-overs between east and west routes. TH is totaled and truck we’ll have to see, but I’m okay. Appreciate the concerns.
  20. Happy Birthday!

    1. mn90403


      Thank you Shep

  21. Weaver Hill bille, granted much better and bigger gold here, but mostly on private property. Tired of dealing with people. Open BLM land in AZ and can deal with people I want to be with. Just say'n
  22. Headed for Q again. Leaving out early morning on the 7th. Gotta end a dry spell. Hopefully abit cooler than last month.
  23. I think I got a family permit, grandpa
  24. At Q. Making homemade coleslaw for LSD
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