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  1. Tom, it was a pleasure meeting you Sir! Good luck in your travels!

    1. River Styx

      River Styx

      Ty Sir, the pleasure was all mine and I will always keep this nugget. 

    2. River Styx
  2. JFYI, anyone with a Minelab modified detector with a problem. Always told Minelab wouldn’t service a modified unit. Last month my Woody modded 4500 started having problems with a failing function switch. I contacted Detector Center in PA (814.283.4270) or Service@minelabamericas.com and got a RMA#. Sent it off last Wednesday. They called this morning, they replaced both switches as other one was a bit slow. 2 switches and ½ hour labor paid and it’s in return mail. Does not get any better than that!
  3. Have a slightly used 20” Nugget Finder coil w/ shaft for sale. Works fine, have a modded 4500 w/ 12” Evo coil and don’t want to dig any deeper than that! First $325. Will be in Q AZ next week
  4. That's what I thought Clay. Earlier saw his post, he's going to Middle Camp.
  5. I carry extra power cords, backup batteries, the tire repair kit w/ CO2 cartridges, one of those lightweight silver looking space blankets, matches, and war surplus energy bar (heavy like the pound cake in C rations). Small hammer to break my watch if I think I'll miss happy hour (don't need the additional stress)
  6. Glad it wasn't deeper and/or longer; almost looks like a baby's butt
  7. Got wife in good mood; will celelbrate her BD before or after, will be there
  8. Billie, there's a lady that comes to our (your) functions, one with the tent, son came with her last spring. Might connect these two ladies. Gett'n old, can't remember names like I used to.
  9. Well, I'm gonna plan on March 8th to 19th. Maybe it'll fit into Bill's plan-
  10. Dates? Good time for a Family Reunion!
  11. Just think what you would of found with the Gold Monster! Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Shep
  12. signing in for me and Patrick. Beat him to it!
  13. Happy Birthday ol one !


    1. devilishjim


      Thanks Shep it wasnt easy getting here a lot of the roads werent paved in my younger years

  14. don't normally wander away from the gold forum, just saw this Thanks All!
  15. Ok, a question to those who are using the Gold Monster (Patrick you can sit this one out for a bit). I love my 4500, but looking for a good backup. I had a 2300 and hated it. Was suppose to buy an Amp to hear and then there were a couple of other issues. I just did not like it. Too many people like it so it’s probably me. Want no BS here; some people like motorhomes and I like trailers. Seems there are issue with the shaft, okay. Liken some of the reviews I’m reading. Guess, I’m picky. Have a Gold Bug Pro, just not caring for, so probably give to my daughter when she comes out. No one gets my goldbug2 or 4500. If’n yer a bit of hard hearing, can you hear targets w/o headphones? I’m like Bill, I like my Koss, but sometimes too hot. How really is discrimination? Thanks, Shep
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