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  1. If you need company, we're all still going out as much as we can.
  2. Hey Wes, I can't use gloves and use a scoop. Sissy that I am, I've dug up scorpions with my scoop at RH. You're the man! ;-)
  3. Seeing these videos, Just curious, believe Billy made a comment awhile back if one had a high dollar detector, would it be worth it to sell and replace with the 6000? I'm not going to quote cause I don't remember exact verbage. We did a test several years ago using Patrick's tool to give a pretty good indication of a known weight, at a known depth in pretty much undisturbed ground. Our test was a 1/2 gram nugget (lead) at 16". Ground was pretty neutral. There were several different detectors used in the test including a 5000, a couple of 7000s, and 2 of woody's modded detectors. Billy's was I believe a 3000? and my 4500. The modded detectors sounded off loud on the target and others didn't hear it or barely. Granted the modded detectors have more adjustment options to make 'perfect' where as it sounds like the 6000 is turn on and go. So that may be a negative. Not trying to cut the 6000; back in the day, I'd probably bought one (just don't get out enough anymore to justify). Just curious Billy's thoughts cause he had a modded detector.
  4. For all my prospecting and relic finding friends, I have found one helluva deal. It’s put out by Rhinousainc.com. It’s a compact shovel that fits in a small pouch. Blade is 4 3/8” wide x 5 ½ deep with 3 extensions. Folds out like the old military shovels only this is more stout! This is solid! HD Aluminum handle w/ steel blade. Has fire starter, knife blade and saw in handle. Has a lifetime warranty and only $29+ shipping ($5). Really impressed! Dollar is for size comparison.
  5. Copper creek area below Ponderosa Pines has good water still. Roadrunner has several claims down there. Hell, there are a couple place, one could almost get caught skinny dipping
  6. My setup is a Woody modded 4500 w/ a 12" round EVO coil and has been since 3-3-16 when I bought the coil. Love this coil! Something I noticed since day 1 with it tho, the top kind of had a tin can effect. Felt secure enough. Yesterday partner watching coil said coil is flopping around. Wasn't real bad yet but top had broken with the shaft mount. I've hot glued it back together and hope it holds; if it doesn't, well I'll bite the dust and buy another EVO, but won't accept one that flexes too much where it did. This isn't a bit-h post just a warning. If you have an EVO and the top is 'tin canny', you might shoot a hot glue bead around to help secure it. Just say'n
  7. Didn't know sir; Happy Birthday!
  8. For Sale- Minelab CTX 3030 w/ 11” coil and 6” coil, carrying bag, manual, Andy Sabisch’s 3030 handbook and extra o-rings. Never used in water. Still has original screen saver on screen. Back in Commifornia, only used in parks and grassy areas so skidplates barely show use. Reason I am selling is back there a dedicated detector was the way to go (no gold). Here, a combination would be better. So looking for an Equinox 800 for coins, relics and gold. $1800 or trade for Equinox 800 and cash.
  9. Tommy get bored? We're up just above you'all. Give a holler maybe meet up somewhere for a weekend.
  10. Bedrock Bob- I kind of looked it up and biface came to my head also. Appreciate the input!
  11. If Frank can post a can, I can throw this out there (maybe?). Trying to sell home and need to get septic pumped for inspection. Honeydipping buddy of mine is pretty busy so trying to help. I've dug it up 3 times in past 20 years but before had a tractor to help. Today, by hand and with pick dug about 6" farther from tank than ever before. This plopped out. Have dug up and actually found most arrowheads on the surface after a rain in my driveway. Found a 3" black obsidian blade over by my pump house a couple of years ago. No gold tho-
  12. So sorry to hear, but no more pain and that's a blessing!
  13. BOB, used to visit several forums that all gave good info on airguns, but best, I think was GTA- Gateway to Airguns. Might check out-
  14. Have a couple; started with a Gamo Shadow Sport 1200, 17cal, Barska 3x12. It shot well. Did a daTuna trigger job and then did a spring job. Accurate and easy shooting. Thought to get into local small time competition and bought a AirArms TX200 in .22, scoped 4x12 and birch. It is sweet stock Had issues with red tops destroying facia on my house. Cost $700 to replace. The redtops had a favorite power pole about 30' out, before they would attack house. Not for long. Best time had: I guess wounded one and it fell straight down. Squaked for longest time and brought in 17 more that were curious. They have pretty much stayed away since. Pellet guns are a lot of fun and cheap to shoot but like anything else can get pricey.
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