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  1. Had to be exciting to get over the hill--best of luck to you
  2. Nice work Allen--25 pieces with the GB2 great day in my book--yahoo!!
  3. Thanks for the great show, hope there will be more to come
  4. Best of luck, hope they can get it working for you--keep us up dated--interesting'
  5. Truly a beauty--thanks for sharing
  6. Great nugget, easy to understand the keeper attitude-not many like that around-thanks for sharing
  7. That's a great looking brick you are holding--thanks for showing us the rewards from your work. would love to hear the entire story, seems like you had a great time--the smile on your face is telling.
  8. Doug: Nice gold..what machine were you beeping with and what was the deepest nugget you found..I am only a couple of months older than you so it looks like if one has the will power he can still play the game.
  9. Glad to hear you are back and recovering from you surgery, hope to see you at one of the shows in the future-hang in there.
  10. Ron: Hope Mahina recovers quickly. I live in Orange county in California and we have only had about half of our normal rain fall this year and the snakes have been hanging out around the golf courses. I am pulling for you little dog. keep us posted.
  11. Gotta say thats nice work Ron! When it has been a while since a good treat , the first bite seems special--I know you are having fun
  12. Nice looking gold-the fines are real nice --looks like you have a nice spot.
  13. Adam: First time out with the Bug--I would say that's a fine start
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