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  1. Yes Terry, Less is missed by many of us that knew him. Every time I open the shades to watch the beautiful sunrise here in Congress I first get a feeling of sadness as I look out at his final resting spot. The best story I remember him telling was about how as a child he had to walk several miles to catch a Grayhound bus to go to school. Thanks for refreshing all of our memories of the BEST OF THE GOOD GUYS--- Less Bender! It's time for me to open the shades now. Jimbeax aka no dig em Ed
  2. Hi folks, I am in Congress AZ and brought a TDI with me. If any one has been wanting to do a side by side comparison with their detector give me a PM and we can set up an outing. It might be good for many of us to compare other detectors we have been interested in. Not trying to steal this thread,if there is enough interested maybe a new thread can be started. Let mek now if you are interested. Jimbeax
  3. If that is the kind of nuggets that new dry washer gets from wet dirt, I want one too! Jimbeax
  4. Hi LL, Any new reports on this? Jimbeax
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