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  1. Pickup a roll of the plain ol black electrical tape then roll em up like coins with the tape to the stick. Better check local legalities better than foreign prisons .
  2. Nice GP 3500 Original bill of sale from Rob's Detectors Az. Includes: Doc's Lightweight cover Doc's Goldscreamer (built - in amp) with 2 batterys/ ac/dc chargers, dual charger base. 34 1/2 inch Carbon fiber upper Stereo/Mono Headphones w/dual volume controls Doc's Bungy setup 11" DD ML coil. Picture shows some electrical tape around the strain relief , still solid. Minelab bag Manual Nice clean machine that's "broken in" with trash, GOLD and Meteorites ! $1500.00 Partial trades considered. Excellent candidate to "MOD" its in nice shape. Reply here with message or phone/text Frank nine two eight 3zero3 eight 4 seven 4
  3. I liked it, and I liked the music. AND I liked when u had to Go cause the filmin wuz getn in the way of detectin ! That's when ya know its real ! Hapy Huntn an keep the videos coming.
  4. Get well bob life gets in the way sometimes.
  5. I think Bghunter musta give up an gone home...………………………………………..
  6. Looks like the webbing areas of an engine block gone its way with the salt water. I've seen a lot of stuff like that around the coasts of Fl.
  7. Beautiful, that's the way ya do it !
  8. BGHUNTER, the I-40 is running thru the middle from east to west. The EXIT is marked on left by the Interstate Shield in red pen. As you can see the area is fairly large, theres plenty of room for a newbie to wander. ALL the little arrows were recovered pieces as of 2006. Hapy Huntn Photo Map credit James Smaller R.I.P. my friend.
  9. Another trip around the sun to add to yer resume, OH I FORGOT we don't speak French do we !!!!! Happy Birthday kiddo ! Daaum hope I git ta see ya this year.
  10. Your becoming quite an Arizona Nuggetshooter ! And another Happy Birthday to boot !
  11. Gold Monster Did you finally give the GB2 a back seat ? Nice beeping !
  12. Happy Birthday ! You still havin these things ??
  13. Oh jeeze, is there ANYTHING that's not made of plastic anymore.
  14. Who was on the Rokon that stopped to talk to Scott New Years Day ??
  15. May God Bless you with another smooth year, Happy Birthday my friend.
  16. Very nice thank you for sharing your work.
  17. You now I'm getn bad, I thought I put it on Friday nite tunes !
  18. You can thank me ,...….. later.
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