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  1. frank c

    Winter is coming.

    AYE I ain't afraid to say, "I ran the heat already" !!! Yup sure was a AC/DC type transition from triple digits this season.
  2. frank c


    Make the outing Jack, you'll meet locals and make some new friends to give your prospecting interests a boost ! A lot of good people are part of the prospecting crew. Hapy Huntn.
  3. frank c

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Best Wishes heal up Doc. Theres a nice nugget out there waiting for a good guy with a freckled head an a fresh scar. Hapy Huntn.
  4. frank c

    Advise please

    Jack H. , I've been prospecting Az. and Nv. with a 2WD for 13 years. You just have to be reasonable with expectations of capability and safety. Got stuck in "sugar sand" once in all those years did very well finding gold and meteorites and still do. A quad or sidexside may be in your future if you stick with prospecting, UNLESS you have a Mule. Good Luck an Hapy Huntn, theres a lot of "memories" out there that need to be made, and some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the land you can imagine. Enjoy.
  5. frank c

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Nice Beepin ! Hapy Huntn
  6. frank c


    Morloc, we don't say we're gettn too old for it, we say THIS is a "young" mans GAME !
  7. frank c


    ADAM, I just used that machine for 5 mins. didn't dial anything in. Big DD Elipticle not 6 " round Concentric on it. Seemed like it was handling the black sand wash well. I need more time with 1 I like the 3 piece shaft for packin. RICK Don't let Adam try it, he might disappear with it to check out 1 of his secret haunts.
  8. frank c

    cool find at an old homestead

    Looks like a bronze/copper screw in handle, man that brought back memories, haven't seen a copper anything in years !
  9. frank c

    Lee's Ferry

    I just googled Lees ferry, I had it confused with a ferry point on another part of the river near Meadview My bad.
  10. frank c

    For The Photographers in the Forum

    Very nice arrangement.
  11. frank c

    Lee's Ferry

    In case you didn't understand, The Gold Basin an Meadvw. mentions are relatively close for detecting with some BLM and various club claims, GPAA being 1 of the clubs in both areas. Hope that helps !
  12. frank c

    Lee's Ferry

    Don't even get caught with one, keep the batteries separated from the detector. Gold Basin or Meadview.
  13. frank c

    Yep RAIN

    Looks like a lil came down during the night ground is wet. Aye, ever try some "honey" on them "emergency" roof repairs ! Prolly stick bricks together with it !
  14. frank c

    Took a Hit

    Will be waiting to hear how this plays out for (you) the "Proprietor". This "credit" card stuff is all a high end game especially when stuff starts to hit the fan "unexpectedly". They have to step up to bat if you followed normal routine and it was "approved". Good Luck even thou you should NOT need it. I remember when they started all this, we had a hand held slide machine to process the sale with carbon copies and if over a certain amount we had to "call in" ! But that was back when men were men an sheep were scared !
  15. frank c

    Happy Birthday Patrick in Havasu

    Happy Birthday Mr. Patrick, see ya later this week !
  16. frank c

    Gilaoro ???

    Has anyone some knowledge on "Max" Gilaoro ?? Just found 2016 update Auseeker post. Happy Birthday Max.
  17. frank c

    Prospecting Rig Help

    Yeah, there like a "McJeep" from Taiwan.
  18. frank c

    The targets I dug today

    Good Stuff.
  19. frank c

    Prospecting Rig Help

    Got a Motorhome that's lookin fer a tow vehicle ya say...…………. you'll learn what all that means soon enough Unc ! Good luck with the new rig.
  20. I've heard about this find , I believe Dakota Slim has been around the area/story also.
  21. frank c

    2500 Grams Gold Basin Meteorites

    SOLD 9/27/18
  22. 2500 grams of Gold Basin Meteorites, some may be "White Hills" or "Golden Rule".Some "whole" stonesMany with fusion crust, regmaglypts, and still Black showing.Reply Message me here if interested, I am looking for a buyer for the whole lot. 200 plus gram pieces and on down in size.
  23. Collection has a new owner. 9/27/18
  24. 2500 grams of Gold Basin Meteorites, some may be "White Hills" or "Golden Rule". Some "whole" stones Many with fusion crust, regmaglypts, and still Black showing. Reply Message me here if interested, I am looking for a buyer for the whole lot. 200 plus gram pieces and on down in size.
  25. frank c

    Lets hope this holds....

    Jim Straight would say, "travel light" less is more sometimes. Might take you a few times out to figure whats wanted and whats needed. Organize , reorganize, whatever it takes make it "your way" !