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  1. Beautimus ! Go back again right after a rain ! Hapy Huntn !
  2. Get yourself a meteorite or 2 , small stones are fine you dont have to buy something big or expensive. Have these pieces get used to what they generally look like detect over them get to know the sounds in comparison to other target types of sounds. You will notice 1st the meteorite will be a SOLID MELLOW sound not like country rocks of various types. GOLD will do the same, produce a mellow solid sound much different than other metals and rock. Lots of the members here will sell small pieces and ebay they can be had also. Hapy Huntn.
  3. From what I see in the fake news heads are rattling in Wash. D.C right now also lots fer real time😳
  4. I need a nice relaxing campout and very soon . All these pics are great Tom.
  5. Thank you all much appreciated. No more counting thats fer damm sure.
  6. ACTUALLY it reads the army corp of engineers found it to be a huge problem to the area. They ought to know. Protect the salmon and trout fisheries, MAN feedin yer azzez is more important that grabbin the color if ya can't do it proficiently. I don't think you should be blaming Trump for this. Actually I dont think anyones to blame for anything, just another case of somebody wants to grab some color and screw up the country side while doing so.
  7. I was fired up enough from reading this to make a post on this thread, HOWEVER my better minded spirit is holding me back. Just reading fer now. It would help immensely if people showed links to exact statements made by the persons being quoted for others reference, instead of "possible hearsay"
  8. YEAH BOSS Friday GREAT Music Video to git yer weekend in gear, haahahahaaa
  9. Still a find Mitch and it was exciting there fer a bit
  10. Aaaahhh. Love it 😜😝😝
  11. Think and see/visualize OUTSIDE the box. And your efforts should be rewarded.😎
  12. As new condition fits factory battery. $40. Pickup outside Kingman Az or will box and ship. Reply here, or PM here Or text / call 928 303 8474
  13. I sent you a possible buyer. Thru yer craigslist ad. Good luck.
  14. Is it too late to get a 2021 Ford Bronco from Andrew for a great price ?
  15. It doesn't take long in human years for EVERYTHING to change in every situation. Mother Earth is STILL SUPREME COMMANDER of ALL that is and was. RIP Reg, sorry to hear another long time member of the detecting community is gone. Life seems to get "thinner" the older one gets. Hapy Huntn All.
  16. you people jest wait till august, sept, oct. when INDIA starts their buying for the wedding season its gonna create MORE DEMAND. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  17. Congrats Doc and many more to enjoy.
  18. I've been doing mucho bluegrass the past few years enjoying the hell out of it. If I can find some links I'll reciprocate. Some of what I've become "glued to" I can't find on utube to share.
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