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  1. I've been doing mucho bluegrass the past few years enjoying the hell out of it. If I can find some links I'll reciprocate. Some of what I've become "glued to" I can't find on utube to share.
  2. That nug looks ALOT healthier than that tire you were riding on ! Nice one Chris.
  3. WAIT DONT BAN HIM YET !!! I gotta find out if hes got any FORD BRONCOS I really would like ta have one !
  4. SEE PHOTOS IN OLDER ADD SCROLL DOWN CLASSIFIEDS. Nice GP3500 2nd owner. Nice Clean Machine $1300.00 Call or text Frank 928 303 8474 Doc's GoldScreamer battery system with built in amp. 2 batts, AC/DC Chargers and Control box cover. Doc's Carbon Fiber Upper Rod & Bungy system Stereo Mono Headphones dual volume. 11" Minelab DD coil 14" Coiltek Mono 14" Coiltek DD 1 X-tra lower rod Owners Manual Minelab bag has bad zipper. Original Bill of Sale from Rob's Detectors $3,500. 928 303 8474 Frank C.
  5. OMG ! a Minelab 5000 BRAND NEW for $1500.00 I wonder if he has the box it came in too ? MAYBE,....................... this guy has connections an I can get a new 2021 Ford Bronco for $1500.00 too !
  6. Lots of basalt an rhyolite around N.W. Az. Go to Metbull search for Franconia and the other description yuccas and see photos at bottom of each page. 1st hand info is best. Instead of random pics on internet.
  7. A person should AVOID being seen crossing the RR. The trains there are about 17 minutes apart, giving plenty of time to self motivate into position. I was taught by Jim Smaller to avoid being seen as the RR can cause you some problems. And you are breaking the law.
  8. Pat if you end up passin by me, you better stop on in for a supper at least. Safe travels to you.
  9. Terry, they never knew they were "yeller" untill I brought them from the darkness to the light. Thanks Terry hope all is well with you.
  10. Wow 1st time I uploaded a video from phone , doesn't work ??
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