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  1. I didn't realize there were all those "cuss" words in that video 😳 Not appropriate for family viewing BUT very funny thou 🤣
  2. Wat in da HELL is that ????? Garbage can please, bring the garbage can now 🤠
  3. Yeah Scott said he ran into u an wade back in the wooouds 😆 ! Hell I took about 6 gms of nice jewelry pieces 👁️👁️ outta there awhile ago. Time fer a new patch Adam 🤣😎 as soon as I locate one I'll send u the coords 😁 Stay safe Happy Huntn.
  4. Absolutely Beautimus ❤️ DAY ! Great Beepin ! Happy Huntn
  5. Big Thank You to all the GOOD PEOPLE on this forum my buddy's being released today ! It's a great thing it did not go the other direction of a ventilator Stay Safe an Happy Huntn you-all !
  6. Congrats and Best Wishes to the Newlyweds ! 😁
  7. It dices it chops, it'll even make string beans outta string beans 🤣
  8. Mitch I went in to clinic Labor day thought I was having a reaction to a new med they put me on. They said no you have shingles ! Surprised the hell outta me. I was never aware of a vaccine for it. When I went to my primary care Dr. Couple weeks later to check up on it He told me about it said to wait till November. Yeah I'm not one for vaccines but if it prevents going thru that again and maybe worse I may do it.
  9. A great Buddy Of mine an avid Detectorist and Meteorite Hunter many of you out there may know has been hit hard with Covid/Pneumonia and has been Hospitalized. I'm asking for some Spiritual power here in his direction that he strengthens up and walks out of there very soon. Many Thanks 🙏🤠
  10. Much Appreciated Terry, All the best back at ya 😁
  11. Thank Tom for the good words ! I hope we all get to see each other this season it's been some time 👍
  12. Yes Sir, I'm living with residual damage so far hoping some goes away they should call them "Shitgals" And the Kidneys yup been there in the hospital done them SOB's. Getn old ain't fer sissys that's fer dam sure 🎯😳🤬 😎🤠🙏👍
  13. You got that right Tom ! ( "old man" ) I'm just getn thru a bout with the Shingles, life is Grand 🥵🥵🥵 ! HoleyMoley what's next ?? 😁🤠
  14. It's truly amazing these machines and coil combinations. I've found them even smaller over the years.
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