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  1. frank c

    Hard Lesson Learned For A Little Nugget

    Martin, tough lesson agreed !!! I was feelin cold air blowin as I was reading. Don't blame yourself too much, or should I say be Thankful you were able to "look back" at the situation ! Nice cornflake to bring home with the memory. Hapy Huntn.
  2. frank c

    Getting a new drywasher

    Right now , is a good time to be building them.
  3. Good Words, thanks for posting Doc.
  4. frank c

    Happy Birthday Old Tom

    A bit late but better than never !! Happy Birthday Tom and best wishes !
  5. frank c

    Happy Birthday Mitchel mn90403

    Happy Birthday Mitch.
  6. frank c


    Happy New Years Nugget !
  7. frank c


    Keep up the good work !
  8. frank c

    Big changes to LSD area

    I could not read the link right now, HOWEVER I am guessing by your remark, and the 1 weekend I spent camped there, Its going to become a residential and commercial area ! Judging from the amount of "traffic" that FLEW by the camper all night long Its a good guess ???
  9. frank c

    Freeze watch

    SOMEBODYS WATCHIN YOU GUYS ………………………………………..
  10. frank c

    Happy Birthday azdigger

    63 ! Yer still a puppy Happy Birthday.
  11. frank c

    Best day ever !!

    Congrats, nice Christmas time find .
  12. frank c

    Missing Forum Member Tortuga

    Best Wishes with this .
  13. AYE youse guys, have fun now and play nice I gotta go get busy with some other "stuff" more potent than this thread youse guys are arguing about ! Fight nice now tahear !
  14. The wall would be a "link" in the chain of action, Sure they FLY, DRIVE , shove it in their private areas and more ways to smuggle drugs. Its a "piece" of a mechanism with many parts, and especially its a physical obstruction that isn't there now and will slow the traffic of all illegal activities. WHY would anyone be against a physical wall to stem illegal activity ? Unless they are connected to that activity ? Fill me in with LESS of the $5 dollar words please so I can understand your position. Do you have a problem with walls at Penitentiaries also ?
  15. frank c

    6 Month Skunk Buster

    Attaboy Scott, another nice Northern Az. nugget for sure.