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  1. Happy Birthday ! You still havin these things ??
  2. Oh jeeze, is there ANYTHING that's not made of plastic anymore.
  3. Who was on the Rokon that stopped to talk to Scott New Years Day ??
  4. May God Bless you with another smooth year, Happy Birthday my friend.
  5. Very nice thank you for sharing your work.
  6. You now I'm getn bad, I thought I put it on Friday nite tunes !
  7. You can thank me ,...….. later.
  8. WELL, IT seems fitting to share this here !
  9. And another Hapy Birthday belated.
  10. Thanks Fred, however it NEVER went away for 50 years now it sucks period. Always wondered if hearing aids would have been an asset or a hindrance.
  11. Since we are on the subject of being able to "hear" what a detector can be saying I would like to ask any of you that have and use hearing aids "DO you also have tinnitus" in addition to hearing loss and did you have the tinnitus long before the hearing aids ? I am wanting to find out "IF" the hearing aids MAGNIFY the tinnitus at the same time ?????????????????????????????
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