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  1. frank c

    Is this a meteorite?

    If you want to be realistic about it, now that's its cut contact a lab or university that will test it for you, then you will have an answer. You can't put a value on something until you know what it is.
  2. FYI, there is 1 for sale on another forum.
  3. frank c

    Happy Birthday Micro Nugget

    Happy Birthday Martin, and many more to enjoy !
  4. frank c

    Bad News, Good News...

    Sorry to hear you had to go thru it all Ron, best wishes for recovery. Believe me when I tell you, I totally know about the breathing bullcrap, it sucks.
  5. frank c

    Ugly Ground but Beautiful Gold

    Atsa way ya do it ! Money fer nothin an yer chicks fer free ! Congrats !
  6. frank c

    First UTV - advice please

    BC5391 big difference in 06 500cc carb 32HP in top cond. later model 570 efi 44 hp. I kinda think that's why Polaris came out with the 570. Not to say "anything wrong" with his purchase, we all make them. Just comparing the 2. Best wishes an enjoy !
  7. Perseverance on your part turns out well, best wishes Doc.
  8. frank c

    Suzuki quad

    I owned a early 2000's model ( 2002 maybe), 250 2wd. bulletproof ! Tires and oilchanges ! had it for 3 years of hard hunting and in gold language I believe it was about 11 ounces. Now it belongs to another hunter in Nevada.
  9. frank c

    First UTV - advice please

    I have 1 opinion to share , from personal ownership, I owned a Ranger "700" XP. I would not buy a 500 cc underpowered for a side x side. 700 minimum cc that's 40 HP. IMHO. Especially if its gonna be you + another person + gear. Estimate Hours vrs. Mileage 100 hours equals 1000 miles. 743hrs figure theres at the very least over 5 thousand miles on it "more in my opinion." True that some units "idling" time is ALOT also in the total hour reading, and in my opinion that's WORSE. Diesels are made to idle forever, NOT gas setups. Ultimately YOU will make a decision on what to buy. Best advice is , "take your time" do not be in a rush a good/great deal will surface, johnny on the spot with cash will get that deal. Google more about owners problems and opinions from usage good place is on the Polaris forums or whichever name brand you may like. Once you make the purchase, "you" assume the headaches. Good luck an Hapy Huntn. ALSO, should you choose an ATV instead of SxS be sure to go with "shaft drive" not chain. heres a link for any and all "spec" info to do yer window shopping on em all. https://www.atv.com/specs/polaris/utility-utv/2006/ranger-tm/4x4/detail.html
  10. frank c


    Best Wishes Jerry.
  11. frank c

    Thanks Bill!

    Congrats, VLF's are alive and well !
  12. We don't need no stinking badges. Not to find these lil guys. 1st hit this morning turns out to be a lil guy in a wash perhaps 3 inches deep , freshly flooded ravine from the last couple rain storms. And smaller bits of trashy metal are no problem for the 4500 with 13/17 Evo Mono , An a ol deaf guy piloting the coil. Check out the 1st O in Evolution. WHERES the BIG ones hiding ?? I could not pull a deep signal in the short amount of time spent. Maybe next time. Hapy Huntn
  13. frank c

    Happy Birthday Middleforkminer2

    Try again nobody hit its 1.6 Bil. Happy Birthday !
  14. frank c

    Vlf power

    Nice Beepin BD. When a person "becomes 1" with their detector, they begin to understand what its telling them. Hapy Huntn.